We once saved the world. But those who were saved were so afraid of our power, they exiled us! We returned after thousands of years of suffering, but the people we're looking for went to another world. Where could they have gone? They'd best pray that we never find them!
~ Subier

Subier is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Subier is one of the Seven Heroes and the cousin of Wagnas, having offered to join the group after learning of Wagnas' plans. Upon the heroes return, Subier moved to the Longit Sea, which he made into his base of operations to fight the Avalon Empire and search for the Ancients, intending to exact revenge upon them for their exile.

Subier hires the services of the pirate Garon, who makes a deal in exchange for eternal life, starting an anti-imperialistic movement inside of the Armed Merchants and taking over the organization to serve Subier's purposes. Garon's plan fails, however, as he is forced to run away after being defeated by the current Emperor. Seeing that he'd have to confront Avalon directly, Subier goes after a infant Narwhal, a large marine creature, intending on assimilating it to become more powerful and destructive, but its mother confronts Subier and holds him back, destroying the Leon Bridge connecting the South Vareness and North Longit areas and sinking Garon's ship.

Some years later Garon's ghost returns and creates a huge storm on the Soth Longit Sea, preventing all imperial ships from setting sail, so the Emperor confronts the ghost and banishes him, thus stopping the storm. If the player fought and defeated the Narwhal, Subier will prevent the Emperor from leaving the sunken ship and reveal the Seven's plans, confronting him on his strongest form. If the player talked with the Narwhal, however, Subier will hide himself in the icebergs on the Nazelle Straits, fighting on his weakest form. Like the other heroes, his soul will return in the last dungeon, where the Seven all fuse together for the final fight.


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