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The nameless submarine captain is the main antagonist of the Jonny Quest episode "Artic Splash Down".


The captain is a bearded man with a captain's hat with some apparent baldness. When he heads out into the artic, he dons a dark grey winter suit.

Powers and Abilities

His primary weapon is a pistol and will not hesitate to shoot at his enemies.


Prior to the events of the episode, the submarine captain had Dr. Quest's experimental rocket sabotaged so that its self-destruct system does not go off when it lands so he and his men can claim its directional brain intact after having it deflected. Traveling underwater via submarine, where he found it excellent that the missile landed intact. He then orders the submarine to proceed at full speed towards the missile.

When Dr. Quest and company come to the North Pole to recover the directional brain, the captain receives orders to destroy the Quest Ship. Two planes overlooking the Quest Ship detect one of the bogeys on the sub captain's side and blast its missile apart before it make contact with its target. Following the destruction of the missile, the captain receives orders to use all possible means to delay Dr. Quest. The captain orders for a torpedo to destroy the ship only for an iceberg to obstruct its path.

Later, the captain observes the ship via binoculars and orders a crony to row towards the ship to assassinate Dr. Quest. When the crony's crossbow bolt misses, one of the guards on the Quest Ship retaliates by firing back, but was not able to see the perpetrator due to the darkness. The crony makes his second attempt by planting a bomb on the ship, but Bandit finds the bomb and brings Race the bomb. This prompts Race to throw the bomb back at the crony in his raft, killing him when it explodes. Faced with drastic measures, the captain declares he can not delay any longer and heads over towards the missile via the sub, where he orders it to surface so they can focus on getting to the missile. When Dr. Quest and Race inspect the missile, they get confronted by the captain who takes them hostage and orders for the system to sub.

Two of his men were also ordered to catch Jonny and Hadji along with Bandit. When the boys are held at gunpoint, the men makes them wave at a plane as if they are glad to see them. Hadji tries to escape only for one of the men to cut it short by having a fighter on his side blow a hole in the ice. After they were thrown in the vehicle where Dr. Quest and Race were held captive, it was revealed that Dr. Quest activated the self-destruct system on the missile to prevent the captain from taking the brain.

When Dr. Quest was taken to the missile to help remove the brain, he knocks down both the captain and the crony assisting him and flees only to slip over the side of the bridge. He is saved when a whale breaks it from underneath and sends him flying towards the snow where he hits the deck while the captain and his crony shoot at him seconds before the missile explodes with them inside, killing them both.