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Submolok is the protagonist villain of Nitrome's last developed and published browser game of the same name. He is an alien from a species known as Cuboids bent on finding a suitable planet for his species to live.


Submolok, a denizen of a far-away planet in Tadpole Galaxy, wanted to find a suitable planet for his species to live. Although he meant no harm, a satellite tracked his exploration pod. Fearing it was an attacking ship, a general ordered it to be destroyed with rockets. Although Submolok survived, his communications satellite was heavily damaged, forcing him to scout out parts to repair it so he could communicate with his planet.

He eventually repaired the communication satellite and called home. After Cuboids received his call, all the Cuboids came in with their own exploration pods. They then used hydrogen cannons to fill the Earth completely with water and inhabited the planet.

Aside from appearing his own game, Submolok can also be seen propelling himself out of water in "Bad Iceberg" skin.


Submolok, alongside other Cuboids, is a green-colored alien inside a shape. He has three eyes and controls a red, square-shaped ship that has four thrusters to move around, placed at the edges of the ship and pointing diagonally.


Submolok is clearly intelligent, being able to use his species' technology and repair it as well as someone who cares about his species' well-being, evident from his desire to find a suitable planet for them to live. However, in doing so, he allowed an entire planet to be completely filled with water, showing that his methods may not be the best.


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