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Succulentus is a minor retired villain from OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes! He used to fight K.O.'s mom Carol back when she was Silver Spark.

He is voiced by Jonathan Davis.


In the past Succulentus was part of a supervillain team called the Kaktus Krew along with other cacti like supervillains. He and his gang were always beaten by Carol when she was Silver Spark. Succulentus and the krew then went their separate ways a few years after.

He first appeared in "Know Your Mom." When K.O. was desperately trying to find the perfect mother's day gift for Carol. He saw Shy Ninja defeating Vormulax and figured the perfect gift should be a fight with Carol's archenemy. He looked at Carol's old stuff and found out about the Kaktus Krew and decide to bring them to the Plaza to fight Carol. However, Succulentus was the only one who came because the other members where either busy or dead. Succulentus was seen in his backyard pool with his grandchildren when K.O. called him. K.O. pretending to be Carol and challenge Succulentus to a power battle.

Succulentus then arrived and confronted Carol (Much to her confusion). They begin to fight, when carol asks why he came he answered that she called him to. In the end Succulentus gets tired from fighting due to old age and Carol decides to call of the battle and gets some coffee. They then start to bond and Succulentus leaves for home.

Succulentus appears again in "Villains Night Out" as one of the many Villains invited to Billiam Milliam's yacht party. He also appears in "Let's Watch the Pilot" as one of the many audience members watching the pilot.


  • When Succulentus fights Carol he references several real life songs.
    • "Da boom na ba noom na namena" from the Korn song Freak on a Leash.
    • "Are You Ready" from the Korn song Blind
    • "You wanted to" from the System of a Down song Chop Suey.
    • "You've woken up the demon in me" from the Disturbed song Down with Sickness
    • "Every step that I take is another mistake for you" from the Linkin Park song Numb.
    • "I wanna see you try to take a swing at me" from the Korn song Thoughtless.
    • "confusing what is real" from the Linkin Park song Crawling.
    • "beating me beating me down" from the Korn song Falling Away From Me.
    • "wake me up inside" from the Evanescence song Bring Me to Life.


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