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Sudden Death

Sudden Death is the main antagonist of the tv series NFL: Rush Zone. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.


Not much is known about Sudden Death's past, such what planet he's from or what alien species he is. However, it is explained that he is an alien warlord who once destroyed the planet native of the rushers and tried to steal their planet's core.

But before he could, the Rushers split up the core into shards after they arrived on Earth. Sudden Death's army is an alien species called the Anticorians who allied themselves with him for believing it was the Rushers who severely damaged their world, unaware that it was actually Sudden Death.

It was said that the Rushers became the mascot of a football team and that they hid a shard at various football stadiums. He once tried to take on the guardian, Ish Taylor, but was defeated and had his body parts replaced machinery and weapons, which he then took on the appearance in the second season.

Sudden Death's body is made up of mostly silver robotic parts with some golden parts as well. He has a golden cannon on his right shoulder, and half of his head is a cyborg, while the other half is green with a red eye.