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EL Sugarboy

Sugarboy is a villain in Fairy Tail. He is a blond man in a white suit and has an Elvis-similar hairstyle. Sugarboy is relatively comedic and is seemingly homosexual, which he acknowledges when he fights Gray.


Sugarboy along with Mary Hughes and Coco fights Fairy Tail defeating all of them with their teamwork. When they split him along with his leader Byro fights Natsu until Erza decides to fight Byro leaving Sugarboy fighting Natsu alone.

After he defeats Natsu he is confronted by Gray until Mary Hughes succeeds with finding a clock part. Later he is confronted by Gray trying to take another clock part and fights him.

He is later defeated by a combination attack from Gray, Lyon, and Juvia. Later he fights for Cobra and is defeated by his own slimes. After that incident, he along with other Legion Cop members searches for the other clock parts.

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