Suigintou's Design

Suigintou is a Rozen Maiden, and apparently the first Rozen Maiden to ever be made. She dies in the first season due to one of her attacks being reflected back at her. However she returns in the second season.


She is taller than the other six that come after her. She has purple eyes and sliver-ish hair with a black ribbon in it. Her body is apparently incomplete as she didn't have a torso. She had clothing to cover this up. She wears a black dress with a streak of white in the middle. She has a rose on her dress. She also has black colored wings which she uses to shoot feathers at her opponents. She can make her feathers turn into any weapon she desires like for instance a yellow sword.


She has a bit of a Superiority Complex which makes her a bit cynical. She will do anything to win the Alice Game which includes but is not limited to the following: Attempting to destroy her sister dolls (the other six Rozen Maidens), tricking others into doing as she pleases and other things. She tends to laugh a lot which echoes when she does (this makes it sound as if she is crying). She hates to be called junk.


When she was fought by Shinku her world was a very vulgar one in that it was gray as could be and very depressing. It was also saddening in that you could see the junk-ish remains of previous dolls all of which are now hers to command(Shinku seems to possess this power as well).

Powers and Abilties

Suigintou's spirit is called MeiMei and is somewhat purple. It is also the only artificial spirit so far that maches just the color of its owner's eyes instead of their dress.


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