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Suiko is a Youkai who served as the main antagonist of episode 2 of Choujin Bibyun.

He is voiced by Ryusuke Shiomi.


The next Youkai to strike was Suiko, who cursed the water of a nearby village so that anyone who drank it would be brainwashed into being his slaves. When a group of children went swimming in it, Suiko abducted all of them and turned them into his slaves as well. The only child in the group to escape was Midori, who had chosen not to go swimming. Midori later met Lisa Akechi and showed her the marsh where her friends had vanished from. Lisa at first did not believe Midori until Suiko appeared and sent his human slaves after them. Believing that mere humans wouldn't be enough to catch them however, Suiko summoned some Youki and sent them out to capture the two as well. Lisa and Midori initially were able to evade Suiko's forces until Suiko brought out Midori's friends, who he had since turned into his slaves, and ordered them to call out to her. Believing they were alright, Midori went to meet up with them, only to be captured by Suiko. Lisa then attempted to rescue her, but Suiko summoned more Youki to attack her. It was at that moment that the three Choujins swooped in and saved Midori before beating up Suiko. Suiko attempted to escape by diving into the water, but Bibyun raised the temperature of the water and forced Suiko out. Bibyun and Zusheen then chopped off Suiko's head and kicked it away, leaving Suiko headless but still alive, at which point Bashaan used his special power to freeze Suiko. Bibyun then summoned a red cross and sent Suiko away on it to the Himalayas.


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