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AH! I knew it! Light is best appreciated in the flesh! A Cursed Spirit's flesh is no fun! Where are the people?! The women?!..!?...What a wonderful age these has become! Women and children...spawning like maggots! Marvelous!! It'll be a Massacre!!
~ Sukuna's glee and wonder towards his resurrection.

Sukuna (宿すく儺な Sukuna) or Double-Faced Specter (両りょう面めん宿すく儺な, Ryōmen Sukuna) is one of the main antagonists of the anime and manga series, Jujutsu Kaisen. He is the undisputed "King of Curses".

He was voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and Ray Chase in English.



Legends regarded Sukuna as a vicious imaginary demon with the appearance of four arms and two faces who appeared during the golden era of sorcery one thousand years ago. Having extraordinarily terrifying powers, he would wrack untold havoc throughout the era and would constantly fight the shamans of old with his demonic abilities. As they sharpened their skills against him, although he killed many of them, after giving their all to destroy him, they eventually defeated and killed him, but even in death, his power was too great to be truly killed or destroyed and his 20 indestructible fingers were thus sealed away and branded as high-level cursed objects and were scattered and lost throughout the ages with seals placed to keep their power from influencing the world.


Introduction Arc

Centuries later, in 2018 of the modern era, one of his fingers resurfaces and was being kept in an outdoor thermometer box at Sugisawa High School. The School's local Occult Club had taken the finger from the thermometer box for study and inexplicably removed the seal placed on it. As it's tainted powers were released after centuries, the finger's evil energies started drawing in Cursed Spirits which proceed to attack the club members.

Even though Yuji Itadori, a member of the club and Megumi Fushiguro, a young shaman in training had come and rescued the club members, they were hopelessly outmatched against the Curses. Seeing no other choice Yuji proceed to eat the finger in order to fight off the Cursed Spirits with its power. This caused the immortal spirit of Sukuna to be incarnated into the young teen's body, which he was very excited about after being sealed for centuries.

After easily killing the Curses, Sukuna marveled at modern-day Japan, commenting on how the population had grown, especially the women and children, and with his soon to be signature smile he declared to starting a massacre as a celebration for his return but was surprisingly stopped in his tracks by Yuji who reclaims his body. When Megumi plans to kill Yuji to exorcise Sukuna, Satoru Gojo shows up and decides to test out Yuji's will. Sukuna is then given control of Yuji's body and attacks Gojo, but his weakened state meant he was no match for the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer and Yuji manages to take back control after ten seconds.

The next day, another one of Sukuna's finger is shown to Yuji, which Yuji eats. Although suppressed, he is far from being sealed completely and when Yuji is brought to the Tokyo College, Sukuna finds out that Gojo is not the leader of the sorcerers and manifests himself and states how he is disappointed as Gojo is so powerful and sadistically promises Gojo that he will kill Gojo first when he takes over Yuji's body, for not killing Yuji right away.

Cursed Womb Arc

During an investigation at a detention center, Yuji and Megumi are overwhelmed against a special grade cursed spirit and Yuji desperately tries to ask Sukuna for help only for Sukuna to sarcastically refuse, stating that there are still 18 fragments of him left even if he dies and if Yuji does switch with him, he'll kill his friends instead. Yuji has Megumi flee and after receiving the signal, he gives control to Sukuna, who is annoyed and furious to see Yuji ends up switching with him despite his warnings. Instead of taking on the spirit, Sukuna decides to fight with the spirit in order to take out Megumi. When the spirit starts to attack Sukuna, Sukuna easily blocks the attacks and easily overwhelms the spirit while finding it insulting that he and the Finger Bearer would be classified on the same rank. Unimpressed sarcastically when the spirit heals itself, he comments that neither Yuji or the spirit understands what true Jujutsu sorcery means and decides to show them and uses his Domain Expansion to easily cut the spirit into pieces. Sukuna then takes back his finger, which causes the spirit to die. Sukuna then furiously tells Yuji to switch with him already but is glad and pleased when Yuji can't.

Sukuna instantly appears before Megumi outside of the detention center and mocks them for believing they can use him without placing jujutsu binds on him. With Yuji unable to switch back for a while, Sukuna removes Yuji's heart so that Yuji won't be able to switch with him and then eats the finger that he had just got from the special grade cursed spirit and plans on killing Megumi while mocking him for believing Yuji would sacrifice himself and sadistically remembering how scared he became when faced with death. They then fight with Sukuna one-sidedly dominating Megumi, easily countering the close-range attacks Megumi and Nue tries on him before knocking away Megumi and entirely shrugging off Orochi's attacks combined with Nue before easily destroying Orochi and blowing Megumi through buildings, analyzing his abilities and finding his willingness and skill in fighting close quarters to be impressive and his Shikigami as coming from shadows and much more practical than the common summoning techniques that uses talismans. Intrigued, Sukuna mocks Megumi for having a worthy technique yet being unable to use it fully, but is truly impressed upon feeling Megumi starting summoning his strongest. Before the fight can continue, Yuji regain control from Sukuna which results in Yuji's death.

Cursed Training Arc

Sukuna brings Yuji in his Innate Domain where they fight with Sukuna effortlessly overwhelming Yuji while commenting on how simplistic and unrefined his skills are that makes him boring. With Yuji restrained, Sukuna then proposes a Binding Vow where he would revive Yuji in exchange for control over his body upon reciting a certain word and he would forget the Vow, even promising to not kill anyone. Annoyed by Yuji's lack of understanding of Jujutsu, Sukuna reveals on how Binding Vows cannot be defied in any way, even by him, and that seeking too much would lead to failure, as Yuji had learned the hard way when he gave Sukuna control last time. As Yuji still refused, Sukuna then proposed a fight and if he wins, he revives Yuji with his own restrictions and he easily defeats him.

VS Mahito Arc

When Junpei slowly dies from Mahito using his Idle Transfiguration on him, Yuji desperately asks Sukuna for help in saving Junpei in exchange for anything he wants, but Sukuna sadistically refuses and mocks Yuji for relying on him when things get tough. Sukuna and Mahito then laugh at Yuji for being unable to save Junpei from his cruel fate. This would result in an enraged Yuji trying to finish off Mahito to avenge Junpei's death. Despite this, however, he later on indirectly helps defeats Mahito when Mahito tries to use Idle Transfiguration on him: At first, he decides to forgive Mahito as Mahito had helped him torment Yuji and just expels him, but when he ends up doing it again after Yuji breaks into his Domain Expansion, Sukuna has had enough and instantly dispels the Domain while damaging Mahito to where he was forced to retreat.

Death Painting Arc

After Sukuna was incarnated, the finger at Yasohachi Bridge awakens and starts to kill people. Megumi manages to defeat the spirit that has Sukuna's finger and retrieve it, impressing Sukuna with how stronger Megumi has become. After Yuji and Nobara reunited with Megumi, Sukuna creates a mouth on Yuji's palm and eats the finger when Megumi gives it to Yuji.

Days later, Sukuna taunts Yuji about how his awakening is killing people because he had eaten one of his fingers which Yuji simply tells Sukuna to not to tell Megumi.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Sukuna was seen watching Yuji's fight against Choso, and comments about how Yuji could have lost to an inferior opponent.

After Yuji was force-fed 10 fingers at once, meaning Sukuna now has 15 of his fingers back, Sukuna takes control over Yuji's body and instantly cuts off Jogo's hand, telling him not to touch him, and forces him, Nanako and Mimiko to Skneel before him, but cuts off the top of Jogo's head when he only takes a knee. Sukuna asks Nanako and Mimiko what they want with him, after which he proceeds to kill them as he doesn't like them ordering him around. Sukuna then asks Jogo, but Jogo says that he wants nothing and explains how he just want Sukuna to fully revive. Jogo explains how Yuji can't take control right now and advises that Sukuna make a bind vow to permanently take control, but Sukuna rejects it since he has other plans and makes it clear that he has no intention to work with them. Sukuna then makes a deal with Jogo: if he can land a hit on him then he’ll do anything they want (for now), which Jogo agrees to.

Sukuna then fight Jogo and completely overwhelms him. Sukuna taunts Jogo, while easily dodging all of his attacks. As Jogo uses his Maximum: Meteor attack, Sukuna forces the humans to stay put until he gives the signal. As the attack lands, Sukuna avoids damage by easily sitting on the meteor. Sukuna wonders why Jogo is not using his Domain, which Jogo says that his domain would lose, and Sukuna laughs as he remembers how easily Gojo overwhelmed Jogo's domain and how he is aware that Sukuna would likewise easily overpower his Domain. Finding things interesting, Sukuna activates what appears to be his secondary cursed technique, commanding some cursed weapon to activate and manifesting flames, which he appears shocked when Jogo is left terrified and completely unprepared. Sukuna assures Jogo he won't cheat by revealing his true cursed technique and prepares an arrow of fire that he launches at Jogo and overcomes him, burning him to a crisp.

Entering Jogo's subsconcious, Sukuna explains how Jogo is weak for trying to be like the humans. As Jogo agrees with him, Sukuna also explains how he had fun fighting Jogo and that he should be proud. Jogo starts to cry and wonders what it is, which Sukuna says that he doesn't know. Suddenly someone shows up to escorts Sukuna, which Sukuna wonders who they are but realizes that the person is Uraume. Suddenly Sukuna senses that Megumi has summoned a powerful shikigami, and tells Uraume that he has something to do. Sukuna tells Uraume that it won't be long until he is completely free, and that Uraume shouldn't neglect their preparations. Sukune then bids Uraume farewell and leave.

Sukuna quickly arrives at the shikigami's location and save the sorcerer that was facing off against Megumi. Sukuna notices the situation and thinks about how it was a good idea to save the sorcerer since his death would result in Megumi's death as well. Sukuna heals Megumi and tells him to not die yet since there is something that he needs Megumi to do still. Sukuna thinks about how he'll defeat the shikigami, then that would void the ritual since he is an outsider. Sukuna then prepares to face the shikigami.

Mahoraga attacks with its sword, which Sukuna manages to block. Sukuna then wounds Mahoraga with his technique and figures that Mahoraga's sword is capable of exorcising any spirit since it uses positive energy. Mahoraga heals itself, which Sukuna attacks again but Mahoraga manages to counter it. Sukuna figures that Mahoraga is capable of seeing his technique. Mahoraga attacks which Sukuna tries to block but is sent flying. Mahoraga attacks again but Sukuna dodges and wounds Mahoraga.

Mahoraga heals itself again, which Sukuna figures that Mahoraga's ability is to adapt to any and all phenomena. Sukuna thinks about how this is what Megumi was trying to summon in their last fight, and that Mahoraga would have killed him. Sukuna then activates his domain: Malevolent Shrine, and uses its effect to cut up everything within a certain distance. While this is happening, Sukuna thinks about how to use his ability to defeat Mahoraga. When Mahoraga starts to heal, Sukuna uses a different ability to defeat Mahoraga.

Sukuna starts to leave, and tells Megumi's attacker to leave, in which the attacker runs into Sukuna's domain and dies. Sukuna then takes Megumi to get medical treatment and leaves while thinking about how it’s not much longer. Sukuna then arrives back at the location where he had fought Mahoraga, and tells Yuji to take a look as Yuji takes back control.

When Mahito is about to use his full power, he briefly taps into Sukuna and mocks Sukuna for not being able to interfere directly, as he would kill Yuji before he can switch. Sukuna simply smirks and ignores the jibe, knowing Yuji would defeat Mahito anyway without him and deciding it was better to made Mahito's defeat more humiliating.

Yuji's Execution Arc

When Yuji is defeated and killed by Yuta, Sukuna is left displeased and prepares to intervene until he senses Yuta resurrecting Yuji, which causes him to smile and settle down.


In his original appearance, Sukuna is described as a demon with four arms and two heads.[2] Currently, he takes the appearance of his host Yuji Itadori, but with spiked hair slightly pushed upfront and with tattoos/lines on his forehead, nose, cheeks, upper body, and abdomen. He also has a second pair of eyes underneath his normal eyes, which are usually closed.


I owe you a debt, after all. When I make this kid's body mine you'll be the first one I kill!
~ Sukuna

Sukuna is selfish, cold-hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic. When he was reincarnated shortly after Yuji ingested his finger, he commented, implying the slaughter of women and children and likening them to maggots crawling around. He never cares about the consequences of his actions, even if these affect his host, Yuji Itadori. In fact, he frequently taunts and insults Yuji, calling him a brat and even laughing at or enjoying Yuji's despair on multiple occasions, and his vindictive side means he always looks for any opportunity to make his host suffer for being unable to control his body. While taking most things in casually cruel stride, he does have a temper. When angered, Sukuna has shown a much more stoic and cold side to himself, putting aside his usual evil smiles and having a scowl on his face while making his fury clear with swift retaliations.

Sukuna is aware of his immense power and is quite arrogant about it, brutalizing a finger bearer while being patronizing and proclaiming his superiority over it. For this reason, he is highly dismissive of his opponents and rarely takes them seriously, even explicitly stating he would kill Satoru Gojo to his face. However, despite somewhat brutish attitude, he is surprisingly clever as he took advantage of his host's unconsciousness to take full control over his body and rip out his heart in order to kill him but kept his mind alive in case it failed. He is also quick to analyze situations and make correct conclusions, as displayed with how he deduced to keep Megumi alive.

Sukuna has also displayed a rather battle-hungry side to himself, constantly showing enjoyment whenever fighting a lesser opponent or a challenge. While frequently taunting his enemies upon easily overwhelming them, Sukuna is by no means brutely straight-forward in a fight and is quite pragmatic and analytical in a fight, opting to take his time to analyze the abilities of his enemy rather than just instantly charging on them before decimating them with ease after understanding their capabilities and flaunting them. His thousands of years of experience in defeating Jujutsu sorcerers constantly means it is easy for him to figure out what sorcery and abilities his enemies would have, so Sukuna is shown to be quite interested when an enemy defies his expectations or has quite intriguing abilities, as displayed by how he found Megumi's Ten Shadows Technique and surprising skill in close-quarters quite impressive and since then took an interest in him.

Despite all this, Sukuna does have somewhat a more respectable side: He can acknowledge the abilities of his enemies, as shown by how he considered Gojo as his top priority and simply laughed when remembering how easily Gojo defeated Jogo as if he didn't expect anything else from him and later on despite easily overpowering him, he acknowledged Jogo was quite powerful and that he should be proud. He also appears to have something of a close relationship with Uraume, his only attendant, as he refers to her with casual politeness.

Power and Skill Level

Regarded as King of the Curses, Sukuna is the most powerful cursed spirit in the entire series and possesses both overwhelming levels of power and extraordinary levels of skill. In the past, he was regarded as the most powerful sorcerer of the Golden Age of Jujutsu and had killed many powerful sorcerers before ultimately being defeated himself and his curse was so strong that his body couldn't be fully destroyed, his 20 fingers being indestructible even with the best efforts of the jujutsu sorcerers of both the old and current time.

In the present, even with his power limited due to his incarnation not having eaten all his fingers, Sukuna still remains a formidably lethal threat and Kenjaku's group saw his complete awakening as being capable of ensuring the success of their plans. He proved capable of effortlessly defeating Special-Grade Curses: With just two fingers, he completely outmatched and defeated a Finger Bearer. With more fingers, he seriously injured Mahito when angered and left the latter terrified at his might. With 15 fingers, Sukuna easily defeated Jogo without much struggle and even managed to ultimately Mahoraga, something no user of the Ten Shadows Technique and even a member of the Gojo Family with the Six Eyes had done. Even Satoru Gojo acknowledged Sukuna's strength and considered a fight between them as being difficult even for him, while Yuji believed with Satoru sealed away, only Yuta Okkotsu, a Special-Grade Sorcerer of comparable strength to Satoru, could challenge and defeat him if he goes on a rampage.


  • Immense Cursed Energy: Being regarded as the King of Curses, Sukuna possesses overwhelmingly massive levels of Cursed Energy that makes him capable of making continuous usage of his cursed techniques without any strain and far exceeds any other Special-Grade Cursed Spirits. His presence upon awakening could be felt through the entire Shibuya. Simply exerting his Cursed Energy alone could easily overcome Mahito's efforts to use Idle Transfiguration on Yuji and even destroy his Domain Expansion. Sukuna's Cursed Energy was considered to be close to Satoru Gojo's own, who was regarded as the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer with superhuman levels of Cursed Energy, in terms of immensity while being overwhelmingly more evil and sinister.
    • Immense Cursed Energy Control and Curse Technique: Sukuna has tremendous control over his cursed energy, being the only one other than Gojo able to use Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Techniques. He is also capable of adjusting the intensity of his attacks based on the target. Sukuna has shown to be unique in that apparently due to his ancient history he has access to multiple cursed techniques that are not widely known.
      • Reverse Cursed Techniques: Sukuna has proven quite well-versed with the healing techniques affordable by Reverse Cursed Energy. Being incarnated in Yuji's body, rather than healing it on his own, he uses Reverse Cursed Techniques to heal Yuji's body instead. He is capable of effortlessly restoring limbs in an instant and even has the ability to revive himself and Yuji while they were both near-death by recreating Yuji's heart. Sukuna is also capable of even healing others quite efficiently: He mocked Yuji by confirming he could save Junpei from Mahito's Idle Transfiguration but just won't and easily healed Megumi from his state of suspended death.
      • Cursed Energy Slashes: Sukuna primarily uses slashing attacks as his Cursed Technique.
        • Cleave: He is capable of using his Cursed Energy to slash at targets from both close and long range. It can both cut through inanimate objects and Cursed Spirits with ease.
        • Dismantle: Sukuna adjusts his slashing attack to fit the enemy's cursed energy level and toughness to cut them down in one fell swoop.
      • Cursed Energy Arrow: What appears to be Sukuna's second Cursed Technique seems to be the ability to manifest from his Cursed Energy powerful energy arrows, which even spirits who ate his fingers can use, releasing a mess of yellow energy. Sukuna himself after acquiring 15 fingers was able to shape his Cursed Energy into a powerful flaming arrow that easily overcame Jogo's fireball and burned him to death and even managed to defeat Mahoraga with a single hit.
      • Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine: Sukuna's Domain Expansion is extremely potent and unique, taking the form of a Buddhist shrine that has been disfigured to enshrine a demon such as Sukuna himself. The shrine has horns on the roof, skulls hanging at each of the corners of the roof, mouths coming out of each side of it, and is surrounded with bull-shaped skulls, in that it doesn't create a separate space with a barrier, making it a truly divine technique, as the ability to realize one's innate domain without using a barrier is akin to an artist drawing a masterpiece on the air instead of on a canvas. He allows an escape route from his domain to form a Binding Vow that vastly increases the guaranteed hit's effective area with a maximum radius of nearly 200 meters and he can narrow down the radius if desired, allowing him to utilize Cleave and Dismantle to relentlessly attack anything in its radius. Sukuna can set it to automatically target any inanimate objects with dismantle, and cleave anything with cursed energy to cut them down.
      • Innate Domain: Sukuna's soul exists independently within Yuji's body by residing within his Innate Domain. He said to think of it as if they were existing within his heart.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: In addition to his plethora of curse techniques, Sukuna also has incredible skills in close-quarters combat in conjunction with extraordinary physical prowess which he can combine with both cursed energy manipulation and his cursed techniques to further improve his efficiency. He is shown to be capable of easily overpowering the likes of Megumi with physical strikes alone and could easily inflict severe damage on special-grade curses of Jogo, Mahoraga and Finger Bearer's level with hand-to-hand combat.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Sukuna is an incredibly intelligent cursed spirit.
    • Master Strategist & Manipulator: Despite his brutish traits, Sukuna has proven himself to be a very cunning strategist and manipulator. Upon being given control, Sukuna quickly came up with a plan to kill Megumi by having the Special-Grade Cursed Spirit do it for him and when that failed and Yuji can't regain control, he swiftly came up with a plan to ensure Yuji cannot retake control by holding Yuji's body hostage and tearing out his heart, which helped force him into a Binding Vow, easily manipulating him into fighting him and instantly defeating him.
    • Immense Knowledge of Sorcery: Having been around since the Golden Age of Jujutsu, Sukuna has fully grasped the nature of cursed techniques, and cursed and reverse cursed energy as a whole. He has displayed complete understanding of the tenets of Jujutsu, knowing how important it is to be aware of one's own capabilities to not push beyond their limits less they be punished and explaining to Yuji how Binding Vows work. He is able to quickly deduce the inner workings of cursed techniques after only seeing them once or twice and creating suitable foils to such techniques and due to his experience, he can quickly identify most cursed techniques anyway. He effortlessly noticed that Megumi's Shikigami abilities are entirely different from normal, knowing that other forms rely on using talismans, and deduced it came from shadow and how much more practical it was, and swiftly identified Mahoraga's sword as the Blade of Extermination with it's positive energy to kill cursed spirits before completely understanding it's adaptive ability and was able to defeat the shikigami after gaining an understanding of it's technique.
  • Immense Strength: Sukuna possesses extraordinary levels of superhuman strength: With 1 finger alone, he effortlessly defeated a huge Cursed Spirit with a swipe of his hands and punched the roof of the school so hard as to rapture and crack the building. With just 2 fingers, he effortlessly overpowered a Finger Bearer and Megumi Fushigoro with sheer strength: He effortlessly pinned the Special Grade Curse down and stepped on him with enough force to collapse debris, even ripping apart his arm, and was able to effortlessly destroy Megumi's shikigami and launch Megumi through buildings with ease. With fifteen of his fingers, Sukuna punched Jogo through buildings and even destroyed the latter's jaw. His blows had considerable effect on Mahoraga.
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: Sukuna is able to move at incredible speeds and counter incomings with such massive speed as to completely overtake opponents: With just 2 fingers, he was able to effortlessly blitz a Finger Bearer and with 3 fingers, he nonchalantly and utterly outmatched Megumi and his Shikigami in speed to easily toy with them, dodging and countering their attacks with absolute ease, and can move at such speeds he seemed to be teleporting as he easily covered the distance between him and Megumi to pummel him without him being able to recover. With 15 fingers, he even appeared in the middle of Panda and Atsuya in an instant without any of them being able to see his movements and was repeatedly able to catch Jogo off-guard with ease and dodge his attacks, even going as far as to casually avoid Jogo's Maximum Meteor and stand on top of it to avoid taking damage. He also kept up with and outpaced Mahoraga, consistently dodging and countering his attacks before proceeding to quickly put him down for good before he could regenerate.
  • Immortality/Nigh-Invulnerability: Sukuna's curse power is so potent that his consciousness survives, albeit sealed, into his remains of 20 fingers, which are indestructible to anyone, even the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer Satoru Gojo himself. While in Yuji's body, he displays massive levels of durability that seems to be attributed to the strength of his curse. Even with just a finger, he showed little pain and annoyance upon being hit by Satoru Gojo. With 2 fingers, he came out completely unscathed from Megumi's Shikigami attacks, even laughing at the attack. With 15 fingers, he shrugged off attacks from Mahoraga with no damage, not even the Blade of Extermination capable of annahilating Cursed Spirits doing any harm to him, and Jogo's strongest technique, Maximum Meteor, while capable of harming him, would only inflict light damage at best, as both he and Jogo acknowledged.





  • Sukuna's kimono design is close to women's kimono, as having more space was more comfortable for him while having 4 arms in the past.
  • His true form resembles Asura from ''Asura's Wrath''.
  • When asked about Sukuna's past, Gege Akutami revealed that he was always extremely revered as the King of Curses even before he became a Cursed Spirit, but during the Golden Days of Jujutsu, sorcerers and cursed spirits were far more vicious and powerful so while he is still very much feared, he wasn't feared as much as Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer in the current days, is now. Akutami also revealed that Sukuna never had a family or a wife, only Uraume, which may explain why he seems to be close with Uraume. Akutami also confirmed that Sukuna unlike any other Curse fully remembers his past as a human but he also stated that Sukuna wasn't so much of a human or even a cursed user back then, describing him as a natural calamity and stating Sukuna doesn't even consider himself human nor does his surroundings. At one point, Sukuna differentiates himself entirely from Cursed Spirits while fighting Jogo and Mahoraga, which seems to clarify Akutami's words of him being something more otherworldly than curses and that he is something of a higher nature than that.
  • Sukuna along with Satoru Gojo are two of the most powerful characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. So far, it unknown who is really the most powerful between them, which many fans question. While Gojo claims he can beat Sukuna, it's still unclear, as Gojo's arrogance aside, even he did admit their fight would be tough and Sukuna himself does acknowledge Gojo's power but still believes he can kill him. With 15 fingers, he's shown able to dominate Jogo at about the same level of ease as Gojo did, but as Jogo isn't really a threat to either of them, it would be unfair to compare them with this fight alone. He did defeat Mahoraga, who is stated to be a Shikigami so powerful that even a Gojo Family Head with the Limitless and Six Eyes both could only kill the wielder by dying too, but as Gojo is acknowledged as one of a kind, it's still unclear but it does show that Sukuna at that level would already have been of some serious challenge to Gojo. Rika, whose power comes from Yuta Okkotsu, stated to be potentially even stronger than Gojo, was stated to be weaker than Sukuna at full strength, and this along with Kenjaku's statement that Sukuna's awakening would assure their victory does confirm that Sukuna would be capable of destroying the Jujutsu association and at least Kenjaku believes Sukuna is stronger than Gojo.


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