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Sully is a minor antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser. He is an FBI clerk working for U.S. Undersecreary Daniel Harper.


U.S. Marshal John Kruger soon learns of a conspiracy plot (formulated by U.S. Undersecretary Daniel Harper and U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin) to sell electromagnetic rail-guns (created by Cyrez Corporation) on the black market, and that the notorious terrorist Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky has paid in $52 million for 10 tons of the weaponry.

Determined to put Cyrez out of commission, the FBI turned over to Cyrez executive Lee Cullen, who agreed to deliver evidence of the scandal to them. Cullen managed to procure two discs containing the evidence of the plot before escaping, but not after witnessing the suicide of Cyrez Vice President William Donohue after learning that he would be arrested.

As Cullen keeps one of the discs for safekeeping, two FBI agents deliver the other to FBI HQ, where they meet Sully before handing over the disc for safekeeping. After giving them their receipt, Sully bids the agents farewell for the day. However, unknown to the agents as they depart away from the building, Sully switches the disc with a fake one before hiding the real one under a music disc cover. He then calls Harper by telling him that his 'music' has arrived, implying that Sully himself is involved of the Cyrez scandal the entire time. He then sends over the real disc to Harper, who subsequently breaks it to cover his tracks.

Despite Sully's success, his actions became in vain as Kruger managed to stop the railgun shipment at the Baltimore docks, resulting Petrofsky's death, Deguerin's arrest and the entire scandal to be exposed to the public. It can be implied that Sully may be arrested for his involvement while Harper, Degeurin and Cyrez CEO Morehart managed to escape all charges of treason and terrorism, though they would end up being killed in a train crash set up by Kruger.


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