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Here, have some beers in Val Verde, Matrix. It'll give everyone a little more time with your daughter.
~ Sully to John Matrix

Sully is the supporting antagonist in the 1985 action film Commando.

He was portrayed by David Patrick Kelly, who also portrayed Luther in the 1979 cult classic film The Warriors, and T-Bird in the 1994 film The Crow.


Sully is a member of Bennett's group of mercenaries who are trying to force John Matrix to help ousted the former president of Val Verdes, Arius, get back into power. Sully sees Matrix and Henriques off at the airport, where he latterly killed him and gets out of the plane before it takes off. With the help of a woman named Cindy, Matrix pursues Sully out of the airport, through a mall, and finally catches up to him on a mountainside road.

After Matrix overturns Sully's car and holds him by the leg, he threatening to drop him off the edge of the cliff if he doesn't tell where his daughter Jenny has been taken to. Matrix takes a key from Sully that leads him to the Sunspot Motel where Sully is to going meet with Cooke. Matrix then claims he had lied and drops Sully anyway. Sully screams in horror while he plummets to his death.

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