That's right! Did you ever stop and think about the candy at the bottom of the bag that no one likes? Every year the children of Gravity Falls throw away all of the rejected candy into the dump. So I seek revenge; revenge on the picky children who cast me aside. I'm made of every tossed piece of black licorice, every discarded bar of old chocolate with like that white, powder stuff on it. You know that stuff! No one would eat me. But now, I'm going to eat you.
~ Summerween Trickster revealing his origins
So, children. Where's my candy?
~ Summerween Trickster

The Summerween Trickster is the main antagonist of the Gravity Falls Season 1 episode "Summerween". He is a mysterious creature who is part of Gravity Falls' local legend. He is said to punish children who do not show proper respect to the Summerween spirit.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


It was revealed later in the episode that, upon removing his mask, the Trickster was made up of old discarded candy that trick-or-treaters threw away. Just as he was about to eat Dipper, Mabel, and their friends, the previosuly eaten Soos bursts out of his belly. Soos says that he enjoys eating the candy his body is made of, and the Summerween Trickster explains that all he just wanted was for someone to eat him, crying gumdrop tears of joy before dying.


The Summerween Trickster is made up entirely of candy, hidden beneath layers of patchwork clothing. He is an unusually tall figure, first seen disguised in a lime green jack-o-lantern mask, a crumpled brown hat with a dark brown band, a light brown coat, brown pants, and brown shoes.

He is able to grow an extra pair of arms and extend them to grasp his victims. In his second form, he appears to be more malformed, crawling on four legs and extending his body to a certain length.

His true form is an amorphous purple cluster of candy, with specific pieces forming his true face: he has two mints for eyes, two white and green rolls of a candy for eyebrows, red licorice outlining a mouth, and candy corn for teeth.

Powers and Abilities

The Summerween Trickster is an incredibly agile and flexible creature, able to move both on two legs and all fours with spider-like movements. He is also quite strong and powerful, able to lift people with a single hand and tear off car doors with relatively little effort.

As a sentient mass of candy, he can also reform if smashed to pieces, change his shape, and swallow an entire person. The Trickster also seems to possess other, more paranormal powers, such as having an ability to light a jack-o'-melon with a finger tip, cause lights to flicker, and sudden chilling winds to occur.



  • The Summerween Trickster can be seen at 0:33 in the Gravity Falls theme song, in one of the pictures.
  • The Summerween Trickster is likely a homage to the internet horror icon Slender Man. Later in the episode, his form and behavior are an homage to No-Face from the 2001 Japanese animated film Spirited Away.
  • In the promo for "Summerween", the Trickster is colored a much brighter purple than in the actual episode.
  • The Summerween Trickster is implied to be the cause of death for at least three teenagers: Jeffy Fresh, Byrone, and Rosie, as their gravestones appear in the online game PinesQuest.


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