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Heathen! I will send thee to the icy depths of Hell!
~ The Sun God Impostor.

The Sun God Impostor was an evil being who posed as a god. He is the antagonists and boss from the videogame of Futurama.


The Sun God Imposter takes control of Sun City in order to kill the Sun People and use their bones to create an army of bone-bots, as it is more evil than using metal. After he is defeated by Leela, he reveals his plans and meets his end when he falls into the lava.


Leela works her way through the Sun Temple, activates a number of crystals to gain access to the inner temple where she finds the Sun God. By activating another set of crystals, she severely injures the Sun God. He admits to not being a god but an "ordinary eternal omniscient super intelligent being" and explains that the skeleton army was actually just robots made out of bones. He describes how making robots from bones is more evil, then laughs so hard he falls into the Sun's molten surface and dies. Leela escapes the sinking temple. With the false god's death, villagers are now safe to exit buildings while Leela returns to the ship.


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