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Sun King

The Sun King is a vastly powerful mystic entity from DC comics and an enemy of the magic-based team, the Shadowpact - alongside his ally and fellow mystic evil-doer, Doctor Gotham.


The Sun King acted as the primary antagonist for most of the 25-issue run of the Shadowpact but would not make his true move until the Age of Burning finale, in which Shadowpact had to enlist the aid of past, future and present versions of the team in order to face the titanic entity.


Sun King is an entity of almost unlimited power, manifesting abilities such as astral projection, superhuman-strength, energy-manipulation, pyrokinesis, immortality, great intelligence, possession, psychic abilities, size-manipulation, soul-absorptiob, time-manipulation and other cosmic abilities that far exceed those of a traditional super-villain or superhero : putting him in the same league as master sorcerers or even certain cosmic entities.

it required the comined forces of three separate versions of Shadowpact to defeat him.