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He'll save her... for a midnight snack!
~ Sunny Jim talking about Lobo trying to save Darlene.

Sunny Jim is the main antagonist of the first five episodes of Lobo. He is a misogynist with a smiley face after his real face was carved up. He treats women like objects and wants to sell them instead of having dates. He and Lobo made a bet to see which one could nail a waitress first. Instead, Sunny planned to sell Darlene at Tubo's Swap Meet. At the Interstellar Managers Planet, Lobo beat Sunny to a bloody pulp and used his face as a CD at Big Ahmet's.

In his first two appearances, Sunny was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. In his final three appearances, Sunny was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Sunny Jim escaped from Oblivion Intergalactic Correctional Facility and had a bet with Lobo to see which one could nail a waitress first. Lobo carved Jim's face so that he would lose the bet.

Sunny met Darlene at Al's Diner at Dooley-7 and discussed his history with the Main Man. Sunny used knockout gas on Darlene which made him cheat on the bet and trashed Lobo's Spazz Frag with a rocket launcher. Sunny takes off with Darlene so that he can sell her at Tubo's Swap Meet for 2,000 credits. Tubo can't let Sunny sell Darlene but for only parts.

Sunny and Darlene took off to the Mental Zone and into the Interstellar Managers Planet, home of the ravenous MBA. The MBA helped Sunny attack Lobo but the Main Man killed all the MBA. Darlene broke free of Sunny's grip and Sunny followed Lobo for a battle.

Sunny was later beaten into a bloody pulp and his face was used as a CD at Big Ahmet's.


Sunny Jim is a humanoid with a smiley face for a head and wears a gray tank top. He has boots and jeans with a belt.


Sunny Jim is narcissistic and misogynistic, probably more so than Lobo.

Powers and Abilities

Sunny uses knockout gas to put his enemies to sleep and firearms such as guns and rocket launchers. He also uses a spaceship to transport people to different planets.


  • Sunny Jim's original concept art showed him wearing a shirt that says "Mama's Boy".
  • Sunny Jim's face makes an appearance in Suicide Squad.

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