Mutant Chickens B&M
The Super Chickens are giant mutant chickens that have appeared in Which Came First in Billy and Mandy. A chicken took Billy into the lab where the giant chickens are made. The super chicken creation looks like a Jurassic Park refference. A scientist explained that he was the only one left and he made the super chickens to help stop crime and wars. Unforchunatly there was a side effect. Mandy sees young super chickens attacking Billy and she slashes them with Grim's sythce. The Super Chicken adults attack the scientist and Grim throws a nuclear barrel and it made the the chickens grow bigger and blue. In an area of lava, giant eggs were found and when Billy ate one, he screamed when his tounge had boils and exploded into blood, turned gray, and his tounge crumble on the ground. The injured scientist explained that super chicken eggs have acid yokes befor he was killed. Billy got mad that he begins to destroy the eggs and Mandy explained that if Billy knows what's good for him and he will satisfy his hatred of eggs, but Billy continues hitting them. Grim asked if he and Mandy will leave Billy to die. Billy continued and it caused the giant female super chicken to get angry. After riding the elevator, Mandy throws a giant egg and the acid yoke crumbles the underground volcano and the lava kills all the giant chickens and turns them to roasted food and feasted by the scavenging students. Billy told Grim about using the force field for cooking them and he asked why he didn't saved him from the chickens and Grim said he doesn't like him and laughs. Billy was sleeping at hime and he had a "stomach cramp" and used the bathroom and it showed he laid an egg and an evil super chicken hatches out a roars.
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