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No heaven…!
~ Super Glue Jamen's final words before death.

The Super Glue Jamen is one of two main antagonists in the 27th episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. The Super Glue Jamen is a super glue-themed black body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release Super Glue Shellga. He is also the younger brother of Glue Jamen.

The Super Glue Jamen was voiced by Masaaki Yano.


A while later before making his full appearance the Super Glue Jamen used his ability and traps Sena who's wearing a bomb that will explode if she does not stop running. After the remaining Kiramagers have defeated the Bechats he revealed himself to the team and then he used his ability to trap the team in very sticky glue and he told the trapped team that he is the younger brother of the Glue Jamen (who they previously defeated him before) and since his brother claims to be the cupid the Super Glue Jamen claims himself to be the executioner of hell. With the team being stuck he can easily attack them with no interference especially when they can't move about.

A while later the trapped kiramagers were nearly worn out after the Super Glue Jamen gave them a full beating.

Juru was never about to give up that easily as he was about to use Kiraful Go Arrow, but the Super Glue Jamen used his ability and stuck the arsenal to a bike then Natsume shows up to tell the trap team that Sena's in trouble, so he decided to trap her in glue, but she'd easily dodge his attacks.

Back with the Yodonna she and Galza thought that Sena has died to the explosion, but once they check the scene Sena was alive and to explain how she'd managed to survive the destruction the team and thanks to Natsume she had remove the rubble off the bike and then brought it to the team as they become Go Kiramagers and with that said the Super Glue Jamen was then destroyed by this finisher called Sparkling Phoenix thus freeing the team from this sticky situation and that include Sena as well because with the Super Glue Jamen gone she'd effortlessly removed the bomb as it harmlessly blows up.


  • Super Glue Jamen's head is a repainted (and by extension, an inverted colored) version of Glue Jamen's head.
    • Due to this factor, he is the first monster to be a repainted version of a previous monster in the Reiwa Era.
  • Super Glue Jamen is:
    • The first non-Red Body-type Jamenshi to have the same theme as his Jamen Beast counterpart.
      • He is also the first Black Body-type Jamenshi to hold this distinction.
    • The second (and by technicality, third) Jamenshi to have a known relative (The first (and by technicality, second) being Freezer Jamen & Oven Jamen).
      • Coincidently, both sets contain relatives (in this case, siblings) that contain a Black Body-type Jamenshi & a Red Body-type Jamenshi (With the Red Body-type being the older of the two)
        • Unlike Oven Jamen & Freezer Jamen though (Who both appeared in their debut episode at the same time, had different Jamens (Yet shared a theme), and both gathered dark energy to summon a single Jamen Beast), Glue Jamen & Super Glue Jamen appeared in two sperate episodes, have visually similar (with a shared theme) Jamens, and each gathered dark energy to summon two separate (yet similar in design with a shared theme) Jamen Beasts
  • Super Glue Jamen is the first Sentai Monster of the Reiwa Era that took the Sentai's weapons and beat them up with them.


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