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You humans made us, now suffer for your arrogance!
~ Super Mutant battle cry in Fallout 4

Super Mutants are the overhaul secondary antagonists of the Fallout series. They serve as the main antagonists in Fallout, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, supporting antagonists in Fallout 2, the secondary antagonists in Fallout 3, supporting antagonists/minor protagonists (depending on the faction) in Fallout: New Vegas, major antagonists in Fallout 4 and supporting antagonists in Fallout 76.

As their name suggests, they are monstrous, muscular humanoid mutants. They are created by the "Forced Evolutionary Virus" (F.E.V.), are yellow-ish in color, and are biologically immortal but sterile; they can only create more of themselves by dumping other humans into the F.E.V. The mutation process is extremely painful and destroys the victim's human self, removing most of their memories and intelligence and turning them into violent and primitive creatures. However, this applies to some Super mutants more than others, and a few of them do retain a relatively high level of human intelligence.

The Super mutant race was originally created by The Master, who came into existence in the F.E.V. vats of the Mariposa Military Base and wanted to create a master race to replace humans and never ruin the world with war again. He failed and was destroyed, but the Super mutants would continue to populate the wastes for centuries to come.

A special type of mutant in the Master's army were the Nightkin, who used Stealth Boys to render themselves invisible. However, because they used the Stealth Boys more than they were ever supposed to be used the side effects eventually turned them blue and gave them Schizophrenia.

In Fallout 3, the Super Mutants encountered are actually completely different than the ones in the first few Fallout games, being created by a variation of the F.E.V. virus in Vault 87. These Super mutants are even less intelligent and more detached from their original human selves, and roam the Capital Wasteland terrorizing the people and searching for more F.E.V., especially in the Washington, D.C. area.

As in Fallout 3, the Super Mutants encountered in Fallout 4 are a completely new variation unrelated to those previous games. The Super Mutants that inhabit the Commonwealth were created by The Institute. Similar to the ones in the Capital Wasteland, they are extremely unintelligent and anggresive to all non mutants.

Super mutants are also frequently accompanied by hideous creatures called Centaurs, which are made up from different parts of creatures dumped into the F.E.V. and are treated as "pets" by the mutants,However In Fallout 4 Centaurs are replaced by Mutant Hounds which are dogs infected with the F.E.V from the Institute like all of the super mutants in the Commonwealth.

Super mutants return in Fallout 76 as a result of the F.E.V. Virus being experimented on at the West Tek research center in Appalachia. After unleashing the virus on the water supply of the nearby town of Huntersville, residents there were mutated into super mutants and dogs into mutant hounds that serve the super mutants like loyal dogs. Super mutants treat any humans with contempt and actually enjoy trying to actively kill them, treating it like a game, saying things like "Let's play, little human" and "Run and hide, little bleeder". They also treat the West Tek research center with great passion since it was essentially their birthplace and treat any trespassers with open hostility. Only one super mutant proves to be more friendly with humans in Appalachia, especially those just emerging from Vault 76, and that's Grahm, the local super mutant merchant that travels around Appalachia with his loyal pack brahmin Chally the Moo-Moo, offering good deals on various items that can and can not be found with other vendors around Appalachia. He occasionally stops his travels to host a weekly cookout for Vault 76 residents to take part in due to also being a great cook alongside his merchant duties.

Following the game's Steel Dawn and Steel Reign updates, Super Mutants prove to become a major threat to the Brotherhood of Steel First Expeditionary Force that recently came to Appalachia about a year after Vault 76 opened on Reclamation Day. After preventing a massive assault by the Super Mutants from the underground tunnels beneath Fort Atlas/ATLAS Observatory, the Brotherhood later find that the attack was instigated by someone breeding more of them using the Forced Evolutionary Virus from the West Tek research center where the Super Mutants and some of West Virginia's legendary cryptids were bred, like the Grafton Monster and the Snallygaster. They soon find the source to be Dr. Edgar Blackburn, one of the people that had come to the Brotherhood looking for assistance with his work, but was turned away by Knight Daniel Shin, considering Blackburn's research not worth the Brotherhood's time to allocate resources to. After capturing Blackburn while he was working on his F.E.V. research in Vault 96 and saving some of the people he kidnapped as his test subjects before he could do worse to them, other than expose them to diseases like Sludge Lung, Blackburn reveals that his co-workers are at West Tek, putting the finishing touches on the F.E.V. before they would release it into the water supply and air itself, creating an apocalypse worse than what West Tek did to Huntersville previously. Upon confronting his co-workers, Blackburn is released as he had the only abort codes needed to shut down the systems before the virus was released, but then asks that he be used as a test subject for the perfected F.E.V. to show what the scientists are doing to try and help humanity survive the Wasteland created by the nuclear holocaust of the Great War/WWIII. Unfortunately, something goes wrong during Blackburn's exposure to the F.E.V., and he erupts from the test chamber as a berserking Super Mutant Behemoth, using part of the destroyed containment unit as his club and firing globs of potent acid around the room. After he is slain, Paladin Leila Rahmani and Knight Shin face a difficult choice as to what to do with Blackburn's co-workers due to each of them following the Elders' beliefs over protecting humanity and securing dangerous tech to avoid a potential repeat of the Great War differently. The Vault 76 Residents have the final say as to who to side with regarding the fates of Dr. Farha, Dr. Jain, and Nellie Wright. Who they go against will be forced to either leave the Brotherhood in disgust over being unable to sway their allies' minds, or be slain by the residents and who they allied with as punishment for being unable to put their own ideologies aside for the good of everyone. After that, the Super Mutant threat will be subdued.

Notable Individuals

  • The Master: The creator and leader of all the West Coast Super mutants and the main villain of the original Fallout, although he is not actually a Super mutant but a completely unique creature. See his article for details.
  • Frank Horrigan: An Enclave commander who became a super mutant on an expedition mission and was then further experimented on and modified by Enclave scientists to make him into their ultimate killing machine.
  • Tabitha: An insane female Nightkin leader from the Master's original army who now acts as the leader of the mutants in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Fawkes: A friendly and intelligent Vault 87 mutant who is met near the end of Fallout 3 and becomes the Lone Wanderer's sidekick. After reaching the higher levels unlocked by the "Broken Steel" expansion, Fawkes' health goes astronomically high, several times more than anything else in the game.
  • Uncle Leo: A friendly super mutant who wanders the capital Wasteland
  • Marcus: Another friendly and highly intelligent mutant who is a companion in Fallout 2, and returns in Fallout: New Vegas as the mayor of the super mutant village Jacobstown.
  • Keene: The leader of the Nightkin that inhabit Jacobstown
  • Super Mutant Behemoths: Five giant Vault 87 Super Mutants who serve as bosses in Fallout 3 and return in Fallout 4 as one of the types of giant creatures and are more commonly encountered than their Fallout 3 counterparts.
  • Nightkin :are super mutants whose skin are a blue color nightkin are most known for their use of stealth boys to ambush prey
  • Lily Bowen: A Nightkin companion from Jacobstown in Fallout: New Vegas, who was an old woman before being mutated and still has deluded memories of her grandchildren.
  • Lieutenant: A cyborg super mutant who is the Master's second-in-command and the second-to-last boss of Fallout 1. Also known as "Lou".
  • Melchoir: The boss of the Mariposa Military Base in Fallout 2, who has the magical ability to summon other creatures such as Deathclaws.
  • Harry: An absent-minded super mutant stationed at Necropolis' Watershed in Fallout 1.
  • Davison: The Nightkin boss of the REPCONN test labs in Fallout: New Vegas, who is looking for a shipment of Stealth Boys that was actually cancelled and is harassing the "Bright Brotherhood" cult that also lives there and delaying their "Great Journey". He worships a cattle skull called "Antler".
  • Neil: A friendly mutant who helps the Courier defeat Tabitha at Black Mountain.
  • Mean Sonofabitch: A friendly super mutant that acts as a sentry in Westside
  • Dog/God: A deeply disturbed Nightkin who appears in the Dead Money expansion for New Vegas. He has a completely split personality called "God" and they are constantly struggling for control over one another. Unlike the other Nightkin, his condition is not humorous at all. He works for Father Elijah and helps him kidnap adventurers to the Sierra Madre, such as the Courier.
  • Strong: A semi-educated super mutant and a possible companion Fallout 4.
  • Brian Virgil: A former Institute scientist who turned himself into a super mutant after leaving the Institute.
  • Edgar Swann (also known as "Swan"): A super mutant behemoth encountered in Fallout 4.
  • Big Mack: The leader of the super mutants at Wilson Atomatoys factory in Fallout 4
  • Dead Eye: A blind super mutant who inhabits the Fraternal Post 115
  • Fist: The leader of the super mutants at Trinity Tower
  • Hammer: The leader of the super mutants at West Everett Estates and one of Fist's enforcers
  • Erickson: A friendly super mutant on the Island who developed a sense of morality and turned on his violent kin and became a merchant
  • Grun : A super mutant behemoth encountered in the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor as the leader of all the super mutants on the island he resides locked in a storage room on the flooded bottom floor of the Vim! Pop Factory after he was locked in there by Erickson
  • Rage: A super mutant encountered in Nuka-World as one of the 6 named opponents for "Amoral Combat"
  • Crag: A super mutant who found his way into Nuka-World's gauntlet and was killed by the traps within
  • Scratch: A super mutant from Appalachia who became a member of the Good Fighters in the Capital Wasteland and ultimately died with the rest of the fighters
  • Grahm: A traveling super mutant merchant and chef who travels throughout Appalachia with his pet brahmin Chally the Moo-Moo. On occasion, he sets up camp southwest of Vault 76 to host his Meat Week event to award rare outfits and crafting plans that can not be found anywhere else in Appalachia to residents that help him set up his cookout with great efficiency.
  • Harrison "Mad Dog" Malone: A pre-war escaped convict who after his escape was turned into a super mutant who now leads the group stationed at the Grafton Dam.
  • Gail: A female super mutant who is a part of Meg's Raiders stationed at The Crater.
  • Doctor Blackburn: A scientist working on perfecting the Forced Evolutionary Virus that then willingly exposed himself to his perfected formula, only to be transformed into a berserking Super Mutant Behemoth instead that has to be killed.
  • Maul: A friendly Super Mutant that can serve as an ally at the Vault 76 Resident's C.A.M.P. and big fan of "The Unstoppables", especially "Grognak the Barbarian".


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