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Super Patriot is a mantle shared by three different individuals in Marvel comics franchise, with the second bearer, John Walker, being the most well-known.


Patric List

The original Super Patriot, Patric List, was an insurrectionist who saw all foreigners as a danger to the United States and the government as traitors for not acting against this danger. He was first seen staging his political rally in New York City, with his subsequent activities prompted SHIELD to try to arrest him for his refusal of a federal subpoena, and the conflict quickly devolved into a gun battle between the two, from which Super Patriot ultimately escaped unscathed.

Patric List later planned to destroy the building of the United Nations in New York, but was stopped by Nick Fury and Jasper Sitwell, the latter who already infiltrated Patric List's faction. In a bid to stop him Fury trades places with Jasper and arrives at the United Nations Headquarters just as Super-Patriot is about to destroy it with his "Ultimate Weapon". A three-way battle ensued between SHIELD, Nick Fury, and Patric List, culminating to Super Patriot dying when he tripped over a flag and fell off a building.

How Patric List looked like remained a mystery as despite Fury's colleague Dum Dum Dugan remembers such battle very well, the scene when he was unmasked has him sporting a visage identical to Nick Fury's own.

John Walker


John Walker was Captain America's replacement during the 1980s (when his removal from the heroic role was orchestrated by The Red Skull). He was an unwitting rival to Steve Rogers but nonetheless a hero in his own right, and ultimately he became an ally to Captain America as the renamed U.S. Agent.

Mike Farrell

Super Patriot (Mike Farrel).jpg

The third Super Patriot, Mike Farrell, was originally a firefighter who worked at the New York Fire Department and resided in the same apartment building as Steve Rogers and Bernie Rosenthal.

Sometime after Steve and Bernie's separation, Mike joined Watchdogs only to run afoul of the group for his guilt over the death of a sleeping janitor in a building he and his fellow Watchdogs members burnt down. Turning to Bernie Rosenthal for help when the group sought to kill him, they ended up captured by the Watchdogs before being rescued by Captain America and US Agent. Afterwards, Farrell Turned himself over to Captain America insisting he be punished for his part in the Watchdogs atrocities and the murder of the janitor.

Unfortunately, due to his brain tumor, Farrell's mental instability saw him blaming Captain America for his life shortcomings. He conspired with Dead Ringer to start a campaign to destroy the hero's reputation. For that goal, he had the mutant using his power to pose as various deceased supervillains while Farrell would dress as Captain America and fight the villains sloppily causing collateral damage and tarnishing the real Captain America's image. For a good measure, Farrell takes up Super Patriot mantle as means to prove himself a better hero than Captain America in staged public fights.

After a long cat-and-mouse game with the real Captain America, Farrell was accidentally killed by Dead-Ringer when the mutant was appearing as Death-Stalker.

In Other Media

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The second bearer of Super Patriot, John Walker, made an appearance in Disney+ tv series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He is portrayed by Wyatt Russell.

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