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Yoo-hoo! Yeah, down here! I'm sitting in this enormous chair! Come here. Let me get a look at you. You are spectacular. Where are my manners? I'm Super Super Big Doctor.
~ The Super Super Big Doctor introducing herself to Candace.
Been a heck of a day for you, huh? Threw your brothers in jail, then threw your whole planet under the bus. Heh.... nice going, sister!
~ The Super Super Big Doctor taunting Candace while ordering an invasion on Earth for its carbon dioxide.

The Super Super Big Doctor is the main antagonist of the 2020 Disney+ animated film Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe. She is a tyrannical alien leader who ruled the planet Feebla-Oot with an iron fist. She is also the former friend and now archenemy of Candace Flynn.

She was voiced by Ali Wong in her first villainous role.


Upon appearing at first, the Super Super Big Doctor appears to be a benevolent ruler as she welcomes Candace to Feebla-Oot with open arms, even sympathizing with her over her plight of being overshadowed by her brothers Phineas and Ferb.

However, this wasn't the case as the Big Doctor revealed her true nature as a manipulative power-hungry tyrant, as she only summoned Candace to feed off carbon dioxide to her pet spore plant Mama to maintain control over Feebla-Oot. She was also willing to subjugate much of humanity to her will upon finding out that they can exhale enough carbon dioxide that can produce enough spores to take over the Earth. It eventually turns that the reason why she became this was because she felt overshadowed by her younger brothers due to their creativity when she was a kid; she even admitted to having locked them up in prison following her successful takeover of Feebla-Oot. In many ways, the Super Super Big Doctor is an example of what Candace would've been if she hadn't gotten over her behavior towards Phineas and Ferb; even Candace pointed this out while confronting the Big Doctor for her plot.

Despite her villainous nature, the Big Doctor was finally convinced by Candace to give up her plot by pointing out that taking control of those around her won't make her feel any special than others, though this led to her downfall as she ended up being devoured by Mama by mistake and transported back to Feebla-Oot to be taken into custody.


Taking Over Feebla-Oot

The Super Super Big Doctor once grew up in a family with two younger brothers from a different planet. Similar to Candace Flynn-Fletcher, she felt tired of because of their creativity that's been giving them attention over herself. Eventually, the Big Doctor soon learned that feeding a spore plant with a gas called "Remarkalonium" will create spores on the populace and make them obedient to those who controls Mama.

With that in mind, the Big Doctor named the plant Mama after her mother and used her spores to take over of the planet Feebla-Oot, enslaving its previous rulers (known as the Cowards) and ruling the planet with an iron fist; even taking the opportunity to detain her brothers in prison by luring them to Feebla-Oot with cheesy snacks. However, as time goes by, the spores start to wear off, allowing several Cowards to hide away to safety. The Big Doctor soon realized that she needs to obtain more "Remarkalonium" to maintain her control over Feebla-Oot, as they can only inhale and exhale oxygen.

Meeting Candace

It wasn't until one day when the Big Doctor sends a space pod to Earth following Candace's last failed attempt to bust her brothers Phineas and Ferb to their mother. As Candace expresses her grief to her friend Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, the space pod arrives on cue and sucks both Candace and Vanessa up before flying away, witnessed by Phineas and Ferb themselves.

Upon the arrival to Feebla-Oot, Vanessa escapes while Candace is taken to the Big Doctor's throne room by her right-hand men Braxington-ton and Hermellivue. The Big Doctor introduces herself and reveals that Candace has been summoned to Feebla-Oot because she contains massive amounts of "Remarkalonium" that can support her people, thus making Candace very special. The Big Doctor also admitted that she had two younger brothers that she felt tired of and sympathizes with Candace's plight, which inspired Candace to have a fun time with the Big Doctor.

Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb deduced that the pod came from Feebla-Oot after identifying its license plate, so they, along with their friends Baljeet, Buford and Isabella, decided to create a portal to Feebla-Oot to save Candace. However, they ended up in Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated by mistake, as Vanessa's father Heinz Doofenshmirtz already created another portal for the same reason after learning that Vanessa was kidnapped. Anticipating that the portals would not directly transport them to Feebla-Oot, Doofenshmirtz revealed that he has already created a giant spaceship, so the gang teamed up with him to fly off to Feebla-Oot to save Candace and Vanessa, with Perry the Platypus secretly following them.

When the gang finally arrived to Feebla-Oot, Candace just rebuffs at them as she wants to stay in Feebla-Oot because she feels more accepted there. This prompts the Big Doctor to have the gang taken away to let Candace have more space. Unknown to Candace, the Big Doctor secretly has the gang locked away in prison, though they ended up being freed by Perry. The gang hid away in safety with several of the rebelling Cowards, who told them how the Big Doctor took control of Feebla-Oot from them and that she only summoned Candace to feed her "Remarkalonium" to Mama for more spores.

Attempting to Take Over Earth

The Big Doctor then takes Candace over to Mama before summoning up a treadmill for Candace to exhale out "Remarkalonium" and feed it to Mama. However, the Big Doctor revealed her true colors by confessing that she used the spores to take over Feebla-Oot and she that she summoned Candace to produce more to maintain her control over the Cowards. She also confessed that she imprisoned the gang similar to what she did to her own brothers, and that "Remarkalonium" is actually carbon dioxide. Realizing what a power-hungry tyrant the Big Doctor is, Candace angrily berates her for this while accidentally spilling out that billions of people on Earth exhale carbon dioxide. Upon hearing this, the Big Doctor decides to plan her next move to take over Earth unleashing Mama there so that she can create more spores to make humanity bend to her will. As such, the Big Doctor places Candace under the supervision of Toilet Flower while ordering her army to prepare for an invasion on Earth.

The gang teamed with the Cowards to attack the Big Doctor's capital, but the Big Doctor and her army have fled for Earth with Mama and a captive Candace in tow. The gang flew back to Earth while Doofenshmirtz and Perry remain behind in Feebla-Oot to rescue Vanessa. Upon arriving in Danville, the Big Doctor announces her next plot to subjugate the Earth's population and unleashes Mama, causing it to grow bigger and spread more spores after consuming massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

As the gang finally made it back to Earth and help their friends in fighting off the Big Doctor's troops, Phineas and Ferb freed Candace, who reconciled with them before taking down many of the Big Doctor's soldiers (including Braxington-ton, Hermellivue, Stapler-Fist, Shoe-Monkey, Toilet Flower and Sand Blaster) Unfortunately, the Big Doctor gets Mama to unleash more spores on several citizens to capture the kids once again. As the Big Doctor taunts Candace for choosing her brothers over being someone special, Candace lashes out at the Big Doctor by saying that Phineas and Ferb showed her that she's special in some way. Candace also asked the Big Doctor if she should reconsider her relationship with her own brothers, pointing out that her obsession of controlling everything under the thumb has only fed her sense of self-worth. Realizing this, the Big Doctor has an epiphany about her actions and decided to give up her plot, but Mama has overgrown due to consuming too much carbon dioxide and went out of control by devouring the Big Doctor whole, something which the gang didn't expect.


Though it would seemed that all hope is lost as Mama continues spreading the spores and wreaking havoc on Danville, Doofenshmirtz has returned back to Earth with Vanessa and Perry by creating an inator that swaps something with the closest or farthest chicken. As the initial chicken still resides in Feebla-Oot, Doof gives the inator to Candace, telling her to set it to the furthest chicken to send Mama back to Feebla-Oot. Candace does so, and Mama ends up being transported back to Feebla-Oot, dispersing all the spores on Earth for good. Upon being transported back to Feebla-Oot, Mama shrinks down and regurgitates the Big Doctor before being crushed to death by an elephant creature, and the Big Doctor ends up being detained by the Cowards while her remaining troops on Earth end up being detained by the authorities and sent back to Feebla-Oot.

It can be implied that the Big Doctor and her troops will be sentenced to prison for their crimes.


  • The Super Super Big Doctor is considered to a foil to Candace: they are both older siblings feeling jealous over their younger brothers' genius and creativity and have been trying to bust them. However, the Big Doctor is more insensitive and radical as she locked her brothers away in prison while forbidding them to ever have fun, which made Candace realize in horror how much she treated Phineas and Ferb throughout the entire summer. The Super Super Big Doctor serves as an example of what Candace might have become if she had not learned to appreciate her brothers more.
  • There are some hints that foreshadow her true nature:
    • phineas and the gang notice an ominous tune play whenever they look at the tower


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