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Supercharger is a villain from Marvel Comics. He is a supervillain with electrical powers.


Ronald Hilliard was a scientist who, along with his father, took part in experimenting into the mutagenic effects of superhuman abilities. However, during one of their experiments, an explosion occurred which killed Ronald's father. Yet, the explosion left Ronald with superhuman powers. Furious at the death of his father, this led to him blaming superhumans for the death of his father and vowed to use his own powers to make other people turn against superhumans. Ronald became known as Supercharger and was accepted to appear on 'It's Amazing' alongside Spider-Man. However, Supercharger intended to use the event with the intent of convincing people to fear superhumans, even going as far as to try and murder the whole audience. Luckily, Spider-Man managed to defeat Supercharger by tapping him into the studio's electrical equipment.

Supercharger later appeared as a member of Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil. He was later seen in an unnamed prison and took part in a riot, but was defeated by X-Men Members Mimic and Rogue. He was last seen in a fight with Gambit.

Powers and Abilities

As his name suggests, Supercharger is a living battery, which enables him to absorb large amounts of electrical energy and then release it.


  • Chronologically, Supercharger was the first supervillain who Spider-Man fought, before the Chameleon.