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Superior Stone is a minor antagonist in the 2018 science fantasy comedy series Final Space. He was the commander of the Infinity Guard, an intergalactic space organization that vows to protect life throughout the universe.


When Quinn was picking up on a gravitational disturbance, she was nearly killed by some Infinity Guard fleets had it not have been for the Galaxy One saving her. This leads to Gary suggesting that the Infinity Guard was corrupt. As the breach was beginning to worsen, Galaxy One traces the gravitational disturbance to some unnamed bioluminescent planet. Upon arriving to the planet, the team discovers a giant laser absorbing plasma energy from the planet, using it to power the laser. The laser is then blasted towards the breach. To her horror, Quinn realizes that Gary's suspicions were proven correct, and that the Infinity Guard had deflected to the evil Lord Commander.

Stone confronts the group revealing that the Lord Commander was using the laser to open Final Space, having apparently seen it for himself once. Stone and the other members of the Infinity Guard joined forces with the Lord Commander when he promised them that upon opening Final Space, the universe would be filled with light, and that there would be no more death. However, when Quinn calls him that opening Final Space could result in the Earth's destruction as well as the unraveling of the universe as a whole, Stone blasts the controls to the laser to ensure that it continued to stay on task. Stone then proceeds to fight with the crew of Galaxy One only to be killed when a pocket black hole was thrown into his direction, and he gets gruesomely dragged into it. Because of Superior Stone's betrayal, Quinn questioned herself on who to trust now, but Gary assures her that she could put her trust in them.


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