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Superman is a villain in the alternate-reality storyline known as "The Dark Side", a dystopian re-imagining of Superman's origin in which he landed on the hell-like planet of Apokolips instead of Earth, thus being raised by the all-powerful "god of evil" within DC lore, Darkseid.


the events of "The Dark Side" deviate greatly from traditional Superman lore in that the "Last Son of Krypton" landed on the alien world of Apokolips rather than Earth, thus he became an enforcer of Darkseid and life on Apokolips served to strip him of many of the heroic traits associated with most other incarnations of the "Man of Steel".

In fact, due to his darker upbringing this incarnation of Superman is a willing disciple of Darkseid and eager to see the destruction of New Genesis, home to the peaceful New Gods - who Darkseid mirrors and greatly resents.



  • a similar premise was used in "Son of Darkseid", however Superman was not truly raised by Darkseid in this story and rather a victim of brainwashing.
  • this is one of many re-tellings of Superman where he takes on a darker role due to a new upbringing, other examples are the Ultraman reality (Nazi Germany) and the Red Son reality (USSR).