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Suppaman is a major character and an anti-hero/anti-villain from manga/anime Dr. Slump.

Suppaman calls himself a champion of justice, his purpose is to protect the world from the terrible threat and save the inhabitants. The problem is that to save the world he is willing to do bad things and also makes jokes at all those who make fun of him or the ungrateful. At one point, the citizens of Penguin Village gathered to hunt Suppaman away from the city and Suppaman challenged Arale in some games to see who was the strongest.

Villainous Acts

  • He put a cockroach in the glass of Senbei Norimaki
  • He showed a worm Akane Kimidori to scare her and get her out of the phone booth
  • He stole the skateboard to a child
  • Most of the time, he launches grenades to anyone he does not like
  • He holds Midori at gun point
  • He holds a baby and a cockroach hostage


  • He is called Sourman in the FUNimation Dub of Dragon Ball
  • He also has a brother called Syoppaman
  • Kenta Kuraaku is his alter ego
  • He is also good


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