The Self-Elected Supreme Commander of Mars

The Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander is the main antagonist in The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.

He was voiced by the late Alan King, and his singing voice was provided by Jim Cummings.


The Supreme Commander is actually the Hearing Aid's long-lost twin brother in a smaller ice box within a giant ice box, which is his suit. His disguise is bigger than all the other appliances, and the Supreme Commander uses it to rule Mars, which he once moved to. He is only Supreme Commander due to electing himself as such and being inside a giant refrigerator that is his assistant.

He despises human beings due to their abusive nature. He also states that the Wonder Luxe Appliances were built just to fall apart, making them obsolete. However, a gentle touch from Robbie, causes him to turn inexplicably pink and smile at the child, as it made him remember something about humans in which they are not all bad, but then reverts to his original color and pushes Robbie aside.

However, he secretly reforms after the election between him and Toaster for Supreme Commander, and reveals himself to be the Hearing Aid's long-lost twin brother. After being reunited with the Hearing Aid, the Supreme Commander travels back to earth with Tinselina, Toaster and his companions, but not before deactivating the Missile which was set to destroy earth when he was in charge.


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The Self-Elected Supreme Commander of Mars
Supreme Commander

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