Detonation negative! Explain! Explain! EXPLAIN!!!
~ The Supreme Dalek

The Supreme Dalek is a varient of the Daleks found in the British sci-fi series Doctor Who and is stated as being the highest-ranking member of Dalek society - surpassing even Davros himself in terms of power.


It resembles a modern Dalek but has noticable differences such as a red coloration, gold hemispheres, collar and neck rings,three plinth-mounted dome lights featuring cages with three, rather than four uprights, and large golden clamps connecting its shoulders to an extended neck bin.


During the Dalek Civil War, a Supreme Dalek led the Renegade Daleks, who fought against Davros' Imperial Daleks.

A new Supreme Dalek appears as the leader of the new Dalek Empire (and acts as one of the main antagonists (next to Davros) of the finale of the 2008 series), where it was used by Davros to lead his army of Daleks. It is destroyed by Captain Jack Harkness.

Another Supreme Dalek acts as the leader of the New Dalek Paradigm in the Eleventh Doctor's Era.

Another Supreme Dalek (similar to the one in Journey's End) served as leader to the Daleks that captured Clara Oswald and Missy. He also ordered their supposed extermination.


We have waited long for this ultimate destiny! Now, the Daleks are the masters of Earth!
~ The Supreme Dalek
~ The Supreme Dalek's last words


  • Prior to the arrival of the Supreme Dalek there was a similiar concept in the form of the Emperor Dalek - which appeared as the main antagonist in the 2005 series finale.
  • The Supreme Dalek's voice is deeper than most Daleks and it is generally obeyed without question by the other Daleks.
  • There have been multiple Supreme Daleks throughout Doctor Who, some of them being Black and Gold, Black and Silver, Red and Gold and the most recent being white.
  • A Supreme Dalek was outranked by the Dalek Time Controller.


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