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I ain't had this much fun in... shit, how long's it been? (laughs) Now you stay still so's I can shoot ya better!
~ Surge attacking the Vault Dweller

Surge short for Surgeon and whose real name is Maxi is a secondary antagonist in Fallout 76 during the Raider path of the Wastelanders storyline. She is a trained sniper and a member of Meg's Raider gang. She is also the girlfriend of Lev and acts as a lieutenant in his raider gang when he betrays Meg.


Surge appears as a light skinned female with red hair tied in a ponytail. She wears sunglasses and a Raider Scavenger outfit.


Surge was trained by her father to use a gun at a young age and she developed deadly accuracy with a gun. Years later Surge's father died from a heart attack and Surge began wandering the wastes before meeting Lev and the two eventually joined Meg's raider gang. Surge shares Lev's distaste of Meg's recruitment of people like Lucky Lou and Gail calling Lou a "walking corpse" and Gail a "big green monster". If the Vault Dweller choses to work with the Raiders for the heist at Vault 79, after Lev is contacted by Rocco to sabotage the heist, Surge, along with Fisher, joins Lev's gang after he defects from Meg and attempts to kill Lou whilst stealing the detonator. After the Vault dweller finds the location of Lev's hideout, all of the traitorous raiders attack the Vault Dweller with Surge being among the raiders that attack whilst Lev remains locked in the center of the hideout with Surge staying on the catwalks high above and sniping at the Vault Dweller, however Surge, like the rest of the traitors, is ultimately killed by the Vault Dweller.

However if the Vault Dweller choses to work with the Settlers for the Vault heist, Lev never betrays Meg and as such Surge remains a member of Meg's gang.




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