Surisha was a demon native to Marvel and was an enemy of the superhero Tigra.

Surisha was a type of succubus and required life-forces to exist, living in another dimension she utilized her minion Aesklos - using the creature to enter the physical world and retrieve life-forces for herself.
While Aesklos was feeding on the soul of Louis Edwards, Tigra attacked Surisha. Surisha attempted to siphon the soul of Tigra, but Tigra was strong enough to fight her off. Surisha then drew her sword and attacked Tigra. However, when Tigra avoided her sword thrust and raked her face with her claws, Surisha summoned Aesklos back to her realm to defend her. However, when Aesklos sensed Surisha's fear, he was overcome by a predatory need to attack her, and he consumed her soul, killing her.
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