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Many beyond the Wall have no allegiance to any cause, other than their own survival. If you must deal with them, be advised that they can be unpredictable, and a fair number are outright insane.
~ The Voice of Freedom, warning about the behavior of the Survivalists.

The Survivalists are a villainous faction in Homefront. They are an American mob that opposes anyone else and only appears in the mission "Heartland".  Their leader is The Captain.


According to Connor Morgan, the Survivalists have been preparing themselves for the end of the world since before the Y2K scare and are "out of their minds."  When the United States fell into economic crisis, Survivalist ideologies became very popular.

Since the GKR attacked the country in 2025, the Survivalists retreated to large camps in the vast countryside of Utah and other states. They fights for themselves and are extremely racist towards anyone of East Asian descent, shown when two Survivalists torture and "toy" with a captured KPA soldier by using captured KPA soldiers and possibly other ethnic East Asians as slave labor.

The leader of the Colorado Resistance cell, Boone Karlson made an arrangement with the Survivalists in order to use their helicopter for the Resistance's operation in helping the United States Armed Forces in San Francisco. But after learning Boone's death at the hands of the KPA, the Survivalists reneged on their deal. They then make a new offer: Giving over Hopper Lee and Rianna (heavily implying of using Rianna for sexual pleasure and killing or enslaving Hopper for being Korean) and be allowed to walk away.

This forced the Resistance to fight the Survivalists and taking their helicopter by force. Four Resistance members, Robert Jacobs, Connor, Rianna and Hopper fights against them at the same as a few KPA soldiers that survived the crash of the helicopter fired by a Survivalist RPG, and managed to steal another helicopter from the Survivalists to find three fuel tankers to aid the USAF.

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