Susan Hardy

Susan Hardy is the main villainess from the 2013 film, Social Nightmare (alternately titled, Mother).

She was played by Daryl Hannah, who is best known for playing Elle Driver in the Kill Bill movies.

Susan Hardy is the mother of the film's protagonist, Catherine "Cat" Hardy, who is heading off to college in a matter of months. Like Cat, Susan was an only child, and her attempts of having another child failed, which led to her husband leaving her. Believing that Cat was all she had and fearing being alone, Susan attempted to sabotage Cat's chances of being accepted at Brown University. She placed a spy cam in Cat's room and posted racy videos and photos of her online, and also made it appear that Emily, Cat's on-and-off best friend, was behind it all. Susan also plagues Emily as well as Cat's boyfriend, Daniel, as well; doing so by hacking into Emily's computer and placing videos of her on a site called "Honey Daddies," and also telling Daniel's sister that she's adopted. Later in the film, the evil Susan vandalized Daniel's truck and smashed his cell phone, while shouting at him to stay away from Cat, who later figures out that her mother is behind everything. A confrontation between mother and daughter has Susan going as far as to threaten to kill herself if Cat leaves her, stating that she's been an only child and knows how lonely it feels. Emily is later at the door of their house, but she is attacked by Susan, who tosses Emily towards a mirror and continuously chokes her. Susan is later taken away by police, and at film's end, she is shown at a mental hospital chatting with Cat via Skype.

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