Susan Maguire

Susan Maguire is the plant creation of Poison Ivy and a villain in The New Batman Adventures. She was created by Ivy to seduce Bruce Wayne.

Bruce met Susan at Veronica's wedding with Michael. After some time, Bruce proposed to Susan and they eventually got married. Nightwing was suspicious of Susan which proved to be true when Bruce discovered her true nature on their honeymoon. As she tries to attack him, Bruce locks Susan in their room and was looking through the porthole.

The duo made their way to the honeymoon cruise carrying Bruce and several of these socialites, and aided him in overcoming the other plant creations and evacuating the innocent passengers to safety. Susan, whom Bruce had locked in their stateroom, was last seen gazing out the porthole as the ship sank, and she was destroyed.

Her marriage to Bruce was presumably annulled.

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