Susan McQueen

Susan McQueen is the main villainess from the 2012 Lifetime film, Taken Back: Finding Haley.

She was played by Amanda Tapping, who also played Naomi on Supernatural and Dr. Kate Robbins on Motive.


12 years prior to the film's events, Susan and Dave McQueen's infant daughter, Emma, accidentally drowned in their bathroom. After burying Emma in an unmarked grave, Susan--driven insane after the death--went to a carnival and abducted three-year-old Haley Turner, the daughter of the film's protagonist, Karen Turner. Susan even went as far as naming Haley after her deceased daughter, and raised her for a dozen years.


Susan's villainous personality was shown early in the film, as she is shown to be overprotective and controlling of Emma, mainly to keep the fact that she kidnapped her a secret. She even went as far as heading to Emma's school and confronting her friend, Alexis, over a photo of Emma that she sent her via text. After Karen took Haley/Emma and drove her to her home. Susan went on a rampage to find her, grabbing a gun as she left. She went to the home of Karen's friend, Megan Harper, believing that she was Karen, and demanded "her" daughter back, while pointing a gun at her. This led to a struggle between the women, which ended with Susan shooting and killing Megan.

After returning home and telling Dave what she had done, Susan learned about Karen's involvement and stormed in to her home with gun in hand. The villainess claimed to Emma that Karen was dangerous and psychotic, and she indirectly informed Karen that she had killed Megan. Karen angrily shoved Susan, who later pointed a gun at Karen's head. However, after knocking out Karen, Susan instructed Emma to hang up her phone (she was calling the police), while accusing her of "ruining everything." Having seen Susan's true colors for the first time, Emma escaped to the bathroom and locked herself in, while the evil Susan pursued her.

Susan began pleading with Emma to open the door and come out, while Emma saw photos of herself at the carnival and realized that she is Haley Turner, as she began remembering being abducted by Susan. Meanwhile, Susan's pleas for Haley/Emma became snarling demands for her to come out, and she even resorted to shooting the door open. Susan grabbed Haley and took her out of the bathroom, only for Karen to tackle her and knock the gun out of her possession. Haley's attempt to send the gun to Karen was intercepted by Susan, who berated Haley and pointed her gun back at Karen. Haley, to prevent Karen from being harmed, went with Susan out of the house, where police arrived. Susan was arrested, while still claiming that Haley was her daughter.

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