Susan Voight

Susan Voight was a villainess from "One Man's Death," episode 2.10 of Femme Fatales.

She was played by Jes Macallan.

Susan Voight was the wife of Assistant DA Todd Voight, who was having an affair with a woman named Janelle. However, Susan was engaged in her own affair with Todd's crooked partner, Robert Burke, who rigged a case involving a notorious gangster, leading to the DA office being indicted. Todd had suspected Robert as the mastermind, and with that knowledge, Susan colluded with Burke to have Todd killed.

The villainess phoned Todd (during his latest tryst with Janelle) and asked him to come home, and it was on the way there that Todd was found murdered in his car; the murder committed by Vokevich, a hitman working for Burke. Susan posed as a grieving widow and encountered Janelle during the funeral service, and later agreed to help Janelle find Todd's killer. After getting key information from Joe Hallenbeck, a P.I. hired by Todd, the women went to Burke's home to confront him. However, Burke caught Janelle and held her at gunpoint, and it was at that moment that Susan turned heel and revealed her alliance and affair with Burke.

After emerging at Burke's side, the evil Susan also revealed how they set up Todd to be killed, while also chastising her husband for being righteous and stating that an Assistant DA's salary wasn't good enough for her. Just as Burke was about to kill Janelle, he was shot to death by Todd, who revealed that he faked his death and killed Vokevich; placing his body in the car to make it look like Todd himself had been killed. He had been following Susan and Burke since then, and it was there that he finally decided to end his marriage. While Todd and Janelle were making out, Susan picked up Burke's gun with intent on killing them, only for Janelle to unleash her own gun and kill Susan.