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Susha is one of the major antagonists from the special of the movie, Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. He is the frog-like warrior which chasing up for Goku Jr. and Puck.

He was voiced by Shin Aomori in the Japanese version, and by the late Peter Mayhew in the English version.


Susha is a large monster has a skin teal, a dark teal with his spots on his shoulders and head on the each sides, his other light skin from his body, and his hair is dark teal and it's has his long spike. He also has a orange without his white bottom of eyes and red eyes. He wears a brown shirt with his hold the sword on his back at the each sides. He wears a white pants with his light green upper jacket, and a brown and orange shoes. He also wears a red bracelets with the both each sides.


Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

He, along with Mamba and Torga, catches up with Goku Jr. and Puck from the mysterious house at a hoping to eat each others. While he swallow to Goku Jr., while he power up, sends to blast off. When he became an Super Saiyan to defeated Lord Yao, he and the other monsters are running away.


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