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Sushimi is a minor antagonist in Season 12: Prime Empire of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is a member of Unagami's army as well as one of his soldiers Sushimi is the head chef in the kitchen of the temple of madness who also serves as a boss in the prime empire videogame. He is the boss of the Hostess the Sushi Chefs and the Monster Sushi.

He was voiced by Vincent Tong, who also voiced Bizarro Kai and Doubloon in the same series itself.



Like all the other NPC'S enemies and bosses in prime empire Sushimi was created when the game itself was created by Milton Dyer when the game was eventually shut off due to the game's ruler Unagami trapping Scott in the game Sushimi joined Unagami's army and started to enforce his tyranny while also acting as a boss in the game.

Season 12: Prime Empire

After Lloyd was killed by an avatar version of Harumi and after a long journey to Unagami's royal palace Jay and Nya eventually found the temple when they entered they discovered that they were in the temple's kitchen while Jay was foolish enough to believe they wouldn't be attacked Nya knew that they would The Hostess came and asked them if they're hungry Jay still not believing they would be attacked said yes The Hostess told them what they had on the menu and ended her speech by saying they also serve destruction the Hostess then started trying to kill the two ninja after a battle The Hostess was eventually destroyed by Jay and Nya not long after Sushimi sent his three sushi chefs to destroy them and also summoned a group of Monster Sushi to aid them despite the efforts of the chefs and the Monster Sushi they were destroyed except for the blue sushi chef who began to summon Sushimi himself and escaped Sushimi spawned in the kitchen and tells Nya and Jay that another thing to know before becoming a master sushi chef is to learn about defeat so he starts the boss battle by attacking the two ninja Jay and Nya are both able to land a few blows on Sushimi badly weakened the chef dissappears later Nya and Jay proceed to go into Unagami's chamber however no one is there suddenly Sushimi goes behind them and throws something at Nya depleting her life points which kill her and transform her into an energy cube Sushimi attempts to kill Jay next but a fish is thrown at him by the lightning ninja destroying him and avenging Nya.


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