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Evil? Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good!
~ Sutekh justifying himself.

Sutekh the Destroyer, also known as The One Who Waits, is the main antagonist of the 1975 serial Pyramids of Mars and Season 1 of the Disney+ era of Doctor Who.

He is a member of a god-like alien race called the Osirans, and a crazed and blasphemous super-being who feared that all forms of life might one day challenge his rule. After an initial defeat by the Fourth Doctor, he returns to face the Doctor's Fifteenth incarnation, being more powerful than ever, being the only known entity feared by the Pantheon of Discord.

He was portrayed by Gabriel Woolf, who also provided the voice of the Beast in the 2005 revival series.


The Osirans were an ancient and incredibly powerful but now extinct race. Their end was caused by Sutekh, who destroyed their homeworld Phaester Osiris and left a trail of destruction across the Galaxy. However, Sutekh's brother Horus and the remaining 740 Osirans tracked Sutekh down to Ancient Egypt and used their powers to restrain and imprison him in a Pyramid with the the Eye of Horus beaming a signal from Mars to suppress Sutekh. The tales of the Osirans were remembered in Egyptian mythology with Sutekh serving as the basis for the god Set.

Pyramids of Mars[]

In the year 1911, when a archaeologist named Professor Marcus Scarman broke into the inner chamber of the Pyramid of Horus on Earth, Sutekh killed Scarman and brought his corpse back to life to serve him, giving him command of a group of Osiran service robots so they could build a rocket aimed at the Eye of Horus on Mars. Though the Fourth incarnation of the Doctor was successful in destroying the rocket, deliberately appearing before him to break his mental holding of an explosion caused by Sarah Jane Smith, Sutekh places the Doctor under his control to take Scarman and the remaining service robot to Mars, where they succeed in destroying the Eye and freeing Sutekh. The Doctor was eventually able to defeat the freed Sutekh by trapping him in a time tunnel so the Osiran would cease to be from aging beyond his race's lifespan.

In Empire of Death, Sutekh reveals to the Fifteenth Doctor that, having been cast into the time vortex, he had latched onto the Doctor's TARDIS while it was traveling through time, avoiding the Fourth Doctor's attempt to kill him.

Old Girl[]

Sutekh was the overarching antagonist of the events of the 2016 Doctor Who comic story series Old Girl. It was revealed that Sutekh was the mastermind behind a long plan to free himself from the time tunnel by sending a fragment of himself through space-time to recover his original body. He was successful, temporarily causing mass destruction throughout the universe before being re-banished back into oblivion by the Tenth Doctor and his allies.

The Triumph of Sutekh[]

In Big Finish's audio boxset, it was revealed that only the body of Sutekh was defeated by the Doctor. Years later, his consciousness found a way into a new body created for him using an Osirian flesh loom. He escaped from Mars and travelled back in time to the reign of Hatshepsut, in order to coerce Tutmosis into usurping his mother's throne and initiating a reign of terror across the world. He went across the Earth devouring allin his wake, leaving his worshippers till last. He would be again defeated however, when the Seventh Doctor tricked him and showed him the solar flare ravaged earth in the 29th century. He went back in time to start over again but this created an ouroboros loop.

The Age of Sutekh[]

In Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventures series, in the two parter "Kill the Doctor!"/"The Age of Sutekh", Sutekh encountered the Fourth Doctor and Leela on the planet Drummond, having mentally connected with the colonist Rania Chuma. He used to control the populace, telling them to "kill the Doctor!", and to transform Drummond into the new home of the Osirans. However, Sutekh was still reliant on the other minds in the network to reshape reality, allowing those outside it's influence to fight back. In his weakened state, he and Rania fought for control of her, and while Sutekh did mange to reform her body into a copy of his own, he was still weakened, only able to hunt Leela through conventional means. In the end, Drummond was restored, and Rania took her own life, banishing Sutekh, seemingly for good.

The One Who Waits[]

Gods such as the Celestial Toymaker and his child, the Maestro, alluded to some nightmarish phantom that scared even them, to the point that they were too afraid to even mention the entity's true name, only referring to him as "The One Who Waits".

In secret, Sutekh had been latched onto the TARDIS ever since the Fourth Doctor's attempt to kill him, secretly following the various incarnations of the Doctor throughout time and space and plotting his return.

The Legend of Ruby Sunday[]

An early 21st Century tech billionaire named Susan Triad had apparent duplicates across every time and destination the Fifteenth Doctor traveled. Due to her company's name being "S Triad", an anagram of TARDIS, UNIT were quick to begin monitoring her, while the Doctor himself believed that she may be a regenerated form of his estranged granddaughter, Susan.

However, like Harriet Arbinger in UNIT, Susan appeared to be another creation or distortion of an existing person as to act as a trap and Harbinger for the One Who Waits; the company's full name, Susan Triad Technology, held another anagram that was hidden: Sutekh (with a "'c" changed to an identical consonant sound "k"). During a speech held by Susan Triad, Sutekh revealed himself and his title as God of Death.

With the Doctor in the S Triad presentation hall, he is unable to prevent Sutekh manifesting around his TARDIS in UNIT's headquarters, taking the form of a black cloud emanating with red lights that coalesces into a giant jackal-like form with six red eyes, clutching the top of the TARDIS.

Both Harbingers proclaimed the God of Death's might, struggles, survival, and desire to share "Sutekh's gift of death." Now taking on a more monstrous appearance, Susan taunts the Doctor for believing she was his granddaughter. After transforming Susan's aide into sand, Susan reaches out to the Doctor, who seems paralyzed with fear.

Empire of Death[]

Mel snaps the Doctor out of his terror, saving him from Susan's grasp. Despite this, Sutekh used Susan and his Harbinger to unleashed his "Dust of Death," which created an ever-expanding sandstorm that kills everyone it reaches, leaving them as sand. Mel drives the Doctor on her scooter, back to UNIT tower, narrowly avoiding the Dust of Death that permeated every street and home.

While everyone in UNIT had died, Ruby Sunday was safe within the Time Window chamber, where she is joined by Doctor and Mel. The holographic manifestations in the Time Window had generated the Doctor's TARDIS, which was given physical form by the power absorbed through Ruby's memories. The Doctor excitedly discovers that the holo-TARDIS has a functional control room, although while still bigger on the inside, was much smaller than usual; it contained details and elements from every prior Doctor, from First up to the current Fifteenth. Doctor encourages Ruby to remember the Christmas Eve on Ruby Road more, which stabilized the portmanteau TARDIS. The Doctor transferred the Window's software into a tablet, in the case they needed to escape, but if so, could continue the analysis of the night Ruby was abandoned.

Through his Harbinger, Sutekh materialised the actual TARDIS, upon which he still perched, into the Time Window chamber. Sutekh reveals that when the Fourth Doctor cast him into the time vortex at the end of The Pyramids of Mars, he had survived by latching onto the TARDIS; as the Doctor traveled, Sutekh regained his power through the time vortex, and every time and space encountered, until eventually ascending into his true state of godhood. He taunts that upon every world the Doctor landed, Sutekh would create a Susan - like Susan Triad - who would be shaped into whatever the dominant lifeforms were, becoming ignorant sleeper agents, until he signaled their transformation into his "Angels of Death," who would unleash the Dust of Death to wipe out all life on their planets.

The Doctor defies the god's proclamations, and countering that he will stop him; although, he became concerned about why Sutekh hadn't just killed him already, thus urges Mel and Ruby to join him in the compact-inside TARDIS duplicate. After escaping the atmosphere, they solemnly watched as the Dust of Death gradually encompassed the entire Earth, an event happening on every world the Doctor had visited while unknowingly ferrying Sutekh. Even though there were numerous planets that the Doctor hadn't set foot upon yet, Sutekh's influence spread to dust every life in the universe, with a few remaining longer, but ultimately dying, too. Memory itself was also fading from the remaining peoples of the universe, leaving them without the sum of their lives before death.

The Doctor realises that Sutekh had harnessed the perception filter of the TARDIS to create his Angels of Death, so that the Susans wouldn't seem unusual despite appearing suddenly by the god's hand; in spite of his own nature, Sutekh would create his Angels to be kind and amiable, which aided in their integration into separate worlds. The Doctor then understood why Sutekh was interested in Ruby, which was due to the mystery of her mother; despite seeing all of creation, the god of death couldn't see the mother, which vexed him.

Owing to the Time Window tablet's accessing Ruby's experiences, the Doctor sees future most dangerous Prime Minister, Roger ap Gwilliam, whom she does not recognise (due to the bootstrap paradox of 73 Yards). However, one of Gwilliam's totalitarian policies acts as a benefit, since if Ruby's mother is still alive in 2040s, it was compulsory for her to register her DNA, thus Ruby's could be used to identify her. The world of 2040's would still exist too, or rather, existed, as Sutekh's deathwave operates in an abstract manner.

Unfortunately for the heroes, Sutekh's ability to perceive everything through dead cells could be used as even living bodies have them, thereby he haunts Mel's mind until secretly killing her to revive her as one of his monstrous Angels of Death. Meanwhile, the Doctor helps Ruby use the Time Window tablet to explore the genetic registry to discover her mother. When the data is found, through Mel, Sutekh takes her, the Time Lord and young companion, implementing the real TARDIS to teleport them back to UNIT headquarters.

Sutekh demands to know who Ruby's mother is, and when she is about to twist the tablet to show him, she deliberately dropped it so it smashed on the ground. Ruby uses the Doctor's intelligent rope to hook an end on to one of Sutekh's golden collars, while the other end is tied to the actual TARDIS's console - that the Doctor recovered via a metal whistle, which in the process vaporized the Harbinger; the rope doesn't break as it is made from the same technology as the intelligent gloves, which Doctor and Ruby also use to pull Sutekh.

The Doctor and Ruby dematerialize with the regained TARDIS, which drags a tethered Sutekh outside the machine; as Sutekh is dragged through the time vortex, it inverts his powers of death, restoring every life he had dusted, and restoring vitality to every planet he turned into deserts. The Doctor explains to the god by bringing death to death, he would bring life in its stead; while reluctant, the Doctor bluntly declares Sutekh still technically won, because his actions pushed the Time Lord to become a merciless monster, willing and capable of executing a foe at his mercy. After which, the Doctor cuts the intelligent rope between the closing TARDIS doors, dropping Sutekh into the time vortex unprotected; with the energies tearing Sutekh, until completely vaporizing him, bringing a final end to his reign of oblivion.


The alien who dares to intrude, the humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles: all life is my enemy! All life shall perish under the reign of Sutekh the Destroyer!
~ Sutekh proclaiming his intention to eradicate all forms of life.
It is within my power to choose the manner of your death. I can, if I choose, keep you alive for centuries, wracked by the most excruciating pain. Since your interference has condemned me forever to remain a prisoner in the Eye of Horus, it would be a fitting end. You would make an amusing diversion.
~ Sutekh before torturing the Fourth Doctor.
I am Sutekh, the God of Death. I am the Night. I am the Terror. I am the Loss. And all life will perish at my hand!
~ Sutekh's proclamation upon his subsequent manifestation.
I bring Sutekh's gift of death for you and for all your tiny, vile, incessant universe!
~ The newly revived Sutekh announces his intent to destroy the Fifteenth Doctor and the whole of creation.
You have lived for far too long, little Lord of Time.
~ Sutekh taunting while torturing the Doctor


Sutekh was among the most destructive and evil beings in the cosmos according to the Fourth Doctor. He was very paranoid, fearing that all lifeforms might potentially rise up against him. This paranoia led to his decision to destroy all life wherever he found it, with his name being known and abominated on all civilized worlds throughout the universe. Despite this, he was still extremely intelligent and patient. His mindset is also comparable to Chronos (The Titan King & Time God) from Greek Mythology, who's concerned his offspring would overthrow his rule and sought out to eliminate them. While Sutekh was grandiose, upon facing defeat, he could descend into cowardice; when the Fourth Doctor had prepared the trap to age him to death, Sutekh tried to argue, then reason, then coerce, then bargain, and ultimately bemoaning his fate - in a way, he experienced the stages of grief, except for acceptance.

When speaking to the Tenth Doctor about the reasons for his actions, Sutekh justifies himself by claiming that evil and cruelty are inevitable in life, so he was merely taking everything to its logical end of becoming dust and darkness. He further claimed he was liberating all life from having the terror of choice and the tyranny of hope to give them the certainty of death instead. Therefore for Sutekh, he was being "good" by ending suffering throughout the universe, a logic that the Doctor noted was wrong in the end.

He was inherently egomaniacal, however. Upon his return into reality, he delivered proclamations about his powers, the impossible things that he endured, and his supremacy over all other gods. He considered himself an absolute king, since he labelled the empty universe his "Empire of Death." He was vindictive against the Doctor, as he exploited the Time Lord's desire to find his likely last family member, Susan, only to reveal it to be false hope based on deception, after which Sutekh taunted him for his gullibility and weakness. Consistent with his prior appearance, he does seem to hold a morality, albeit a sadistic, nihilistic one, since he labels his executions of death as "gifts," thereby implying he believes his actions to be generous.

A part of his motivation, beyond fulfilling his title as God of Death and his paranoia, was possibly an irritation he felt just from life existing. His ability to witness all existence and often time periods too, could have been overwhelming for his senses, with the chaos of life leaving him restless and perhaps even disturbed. Although, another significant element he appears to hold is that he understands the pain that can happen in life. Hence, he declares his gift of death as a "blessed silence," that would bring peace to the universe. Surprisingly, when speaking to the latest incarnation of his nemesis Sutekh declares every living thing an “Abomination”, showcasing that even after witnessing everything across time and space (which many would've considered beautiful like Rusty) with the Fourth to Fifteenth Doctors he had no change of heart at all. It's possible that after transcending into Godhood he has risen above innocent emotions, therefore felt nothing from the Doctor's life, be it heartwarming or disheartening. Alternatively speaking, had Sutekh tried to think like the Time Lord from the years of traveling experience, the former might have eventually strayed away from his goal of mass genocide.

Sutekh was exceedingly arrogant, which is evident through his plethora of imposing titles, yet it would also serve to his detriment. Despite the fact he could have easily killed the Doctor immediately, he instead opted to boast and taunt him, which also reinforced his malice, since even though considering his gift of death as "good," he couldn't resist torturing the one non-Osiran that had beaten him. Despite being bested at the end of the first encounter with the Doctor, Sutekh still considered himself superior to all other beings, and would infantilize and mock the Doctor by calling him "little," among other derision. As a god, he prided himself as being omniscient, thereby his need to correct ignorance about Ruby's mother wasn't merely curiosity or frustration, but also to prove himself as a true god, who knew all and saw all. Though ultimately, despite gaining knowledge of the Doctor’s adventures along with all the current TARDIS secrets, Sutekh also couldn't grasp the extents of the capabilities of the Doctor and his human companion, thereby once again carelessly underestimated the mortal beings to the very end.


Sutekh possessed immense power: he could change the course of history and destroy entire star systems. The Fourth Doctor once took Sarah Jane Smith to an alternate 1980, where the Earth had become a ruined and abandoned wasteland orbiting a dead star due to the destruction Sutekh caused. According to the Doctor, not even the Time Lords could stop Sutekh when he was in possession of his full powers, essentially making him among the single greatest threats to all life in the universe. Additionally, the Toymaker, an incredibly powerful being who mentioned turning galaxies into toys and transforming the Guardians of Time and Space into voodoo dolls, was terrified of the power Sutekh possessed.

He has powerful mental abilities like telekinesis & was capable of projecting images strong enough to penetrate the defenses of the TARDIS.

After emerging back into the universe on one occasion, Sutekh was capable of obliterating a whole planet with merely a hand gesture and was a powerful enough warrior to overpower a group of other god-like abominations from the Void itself. He had the ability to blast beams of green energy from his eyes and hands to kill or disintegrate his enemies into dust.

After the death of his physical body, his soul was able to continue existing, which he attached to the Doctor's TARDIS; despite a lack of corporeal form, he could rebuild his strength through travel in time and space, eventually restoring an even stronger body. (His status as god of death may indicate he can't truly die, but could be disintegrated into powerless particles.)

Also, whist concealed & slightly tangible enough to grip the time machine, he could use the perception filter in his own creations that he called Angels of Death. Who were all unassuming and pleasant women named Susan (to mock the Doctor with his granddaughter's name), and they would perfectly blend in until activated. Upon activation, the Susans would transform into the monstrous Angel of Death guise, and had the power to unleash the Dust of Death, a continuously growing sandstorm that would kill all life on their planet. Ironically, for the god of death, Sutekh was able to create genuine life, since if he were to be defeated, his Angels return to their prior selves, and can live normal lives.

Horrifically, Sutekh was capable of shielding his own non-existence. As even thought Amy Pond only focused on bringing the Doctor & the TARDIS back from a Total Event Collapse by remembering them, Sutekh was inadvertently brought back also.

Even on worlds that didn't have his Angels of Death, the god of death's power would eventually spread as a deathwave; while it wasn't as instantaneously as the Dust itself, it would decay memory until leaving the victims as an amnesiac wanderers, who would shortly die as sand like the others killed by Sutekh.

Sutekh was extremely intelligent, with an immense knowledge of Osiran technology, time-travel, and other alien sciences. He was very charismatic and manipulative when he needs to be, capable of orchestrating long and complex plans. Due to him being an undetected passenger of the TARDIS since the Fourth Doctor's life, he held a comprehensive knowledge on how to operate the machine; he even adapted its functions with his own abilities, such as creating a planet-wide teleportation.

He had an either passive or conjured invisible field around him that nullified any attack, turning bullets and even lasers into harmless dust.

As god of death, Sutekh could view anything through dead cells, even if they were dead cells such as hair and nails. Through these dead cells, he is also able to telepathically communicate with anyone, and could eventually convert the dead cells' host into one of his Angels of Death.

Like other gods, he would create Harbingers that would announce his arrival, and enact his will akin to slaves.




  • Gabriel Woolf, the actor who played Sutekh, later provided the voice of the Beast from "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit", another Doctor Who villain is said to serve as a basis for the Devil.
  • "Sutekh" is one of the names of the ancient Egyptian god of the desert, Set, also shared by the demon god from the unrelated Puppet Master series.
    • Sutekh's characterisation acts as a cross between Set and Apep.
  • Sutekh is eventually clarified to be the God of Death, much like how the Celestial Toymaker was the God of Games.
  • Sutekh's Angels of Death have the flesh from the top of their faces melted away, revealing the skull; they don robes, too. The skull visage and robes make them appear similar to classical interpretations of the Grim Reaper.
  • His return been foreshadowed throughout the season:
    • Susan Twist had multiple roles as a minor but important characters throughout the season, taking centre stage as Susan Triad. Every version of the woman was revealed to have been creations of Sutekh intended to release dust of death. They included:
      • A woman watching Ruby and her band on Christmas in 2023.
      • Gina Scalz, a Tea Lady from London in 1963.
      • The face of the AI of one of the Villengard Ambulances
      • A Hiker visiting Wales in an alternate timeline.
      • Penny, mother of Lindy Pepper-Bean.
      • The mother of the 1813 Duke of Pemberton, or at least a portrait of her.
      • A Sloogma from the planet, Sloog.
      • A Griffin from the planet, Varsitay.
      • A Bleet on The Fivefold Configuration.
    • The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors have a discussion that includes Sarah Jane Smith, who was the companion of the Fourth Doctor when he faced the dark deity in The Pyramids of Mars.
    • The state of a destroyed future Earth, despite a paradox of a companion's life still existing in The Devil's Chord was identical to the same concept in Sutekh's original story.
  • Sutekh is the only antagonist to be played by the same actor in the Classic era and in the revival series.
  • Ruby's neighbour, Mrs. Flood, somehow knew about Sutekh before the Doctor, but was not a party to the god's schemes.
  • Sutekh likely couldn't kill Jack Harkness, who came back from Abaddon drained his life energy until he was dead for a week.
    • For all his power, Sutekh can't override a Fixed Point in Time; which is why Jack is immortal.

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