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Sutra was a female android introduced in the Star Trek: Picard episode Et in Arcadia Ego, Part I.

She was portrayed by Isa Briones, who also portrayed the android sisters Dajh and Soji Asha in Picard.

Sutra was created by Doctors Bruce Maddox and Altan Inigo Soong on Coppelius in the 2380s after the Federation banned the creation of synthetic lifeforms after a group of such lifeforms were reprogrammed by Zhat Vash operative Oh to attack Mars. Created from a neuron harvested from the late Commander Data, Sutra was a twin to Jana.

Following her activation Sutra made an extensive study of Vulcan culture even learning how to perform mind melds with organic lifeforms. When retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard arrived on Coppelius Sutra was able to mind meld with Picard's companion Agnes Jurati, who had received the Admonition Oh had given to her with an earlier mind meld. She learned that the Admonition was not actually a warning against synthetic life but was actually a message from an alliance of ancient synthetic lifeforms to other synthetic lifeforms offering to exterminate organic life should such life ever prove a threat to them.

The mind meld convinced her that the only way to end the threat the Romulans posed was to summon the ancient synths and have them exterminate all organic life. In order to convince her fellow androids to summon the ancient synths, Sutra helped Narek escape from his holding cell and she then murdered her fellow android Saga by stabbing her through the eye.

Their father Soong was able to uncover Sutra's deception when he worked to retrieve Saga's memories, including the fact that Sutra had murdered her sister in cold blood. Realizing that Sutra was no better than the Romulans who sought to exterminate synthetic life, Soong deactivated her. Picard was able to convince Soji to destroy the beacon being built to summon the ancient synths, saving the galaxy's organic life from extermination.

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