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Suzaku is a villain in the manga and anime Yu Yu Hakusho. He's the main antagonist in the Maze Castle Story Arc, as well as the leader of the Four Saint Beasts. He's also known as the Crimson Sparrow.

He was voiced by Nobuo Tobita in the Japanese version, and by Jerry Jewell in the English version.


Suzaku is a demon that resembles more human than he does a demon. He has long orange hair, with red streaks that are actually antennae.

Yu Yu Hakusho

After three of the four Saint Beast were destroyed, the leader; Suzaku found out that Yusuke has a weakness, which was Keiko, and decided to use that weakness to help his chances of winning. When Yusuke met Suzaku for the first time, Suzaku proved that he was more than a match for Yusuke. He was able to block all of Yusuke's punches with one hand, and even deflect Yusuke's Spirit Gun. Suzaku also seemed to love to torture Yusuke, because he electrocuted Yusuke slowly and painful. He also decided increase his chances by multipling seven times and continue on electricuting him. In the end, Yusuke used all of his life energy to give him enough power to kill Suzaku and his seven clones.


  • Suzaku lasted the longest out of all the Saint Beasts.
  • He's the only Saint Beast with a pet/spy.


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