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Did you fix the engine? Whaaa- hold it right there! Wait a minute. I know you. You're the guy who arrested the airship division. And now you're here to bring down the rest of us? I didn't even want this job, but someone had to step up! Do you know how hard it is to pick up someone else's project? Let alone a rocket!? The old leaders had left details for this plan, and I had to dig through mountains of paperwork to find it. And now of course, we're running late. I was just thinking "I can't handle another delay..." and then you showed up! Well, at least I can take revenge on behalf of the Toppat Clan, so I got that going for me, I guess.
~ Sven's evil monologue/ranting about his job. (Or at least the parts we can hear)
The rocket will be launching very soon. Please get on board immediately. I will not hesitate to leave you behind!
~ Sven announcing the rocket is launching soon.

Sven Svensson is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside the Right Hand Man) of Completing the Mission, the sixth and final installment of the Henry Stickmin series.

He is a Swedish high-ranking member of the Toppat Clan who becomes the leader in four endings. Despite this, he doesn't even want to be the leader, someone just had to step up. If the previously-mentioned Right Hand Man becomes the leader in an ending, Sven becomes the right hand man instead. Besides this, he makes cameos in other endings.

He was voiced by Marcus Brosmander.


Sven is a stick figure with blond hair and a blue tophat and shoes.


Sven is obviously not willing to be the Toppat Leader, and he himself admits it. Someone just had to step up, and it was him. He was the one who picked up the rocket project of Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man, and he clearly hates it due to it being a rocket, of all things. He is also tired, saying he can't handle another delay and that he had to dig through mountains of paperwork to find the rocket plans. At least he wants to take revenge at Henry due to him being the reason why he's the leader. Despite this, he has no problem with leaving some of the Toppats behind, but he's still welcoming towards them when it's the day of the launch.

Physically speaking, Sven is weak, being easily overpowered by Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose in the Triple Threat ending and getting knocked out by one punch in Special BROvert Ops.

Sven is very talkative, rambling to Henry about his job instead of shooting him and provoking him to a fight instead of just punching him. If the Master Bounty Hunter route is to go by, then he's not respected by some of the Toppats despite being a high-ranking member. In fact, in that route, he's shut down despite being the Right Hand Man and technically speaking having the right to take over leadership.

Sven seems to prefer Reginald Copperbottom as the Toppat Leader, as in the Toppat 4 Life ending, where Henry Stickmin is the leader, he seems rather angry. In the same ending, Reginald looks in Sven's direction when talking about Henry being a good leader, but it's unknown if Reginald was looking at Sven directly or not.


Okay, everyone! Today's the day! ... Why is it empty in here?
~ Sven in the Cleaned 'Em Out ending.
What are you doing?! You're our boss! Are you really gonna side with the guy who locked up the chief?!
~ Sven to the Right Hand Man Blue during the "Rewire" Fail in Master Bounty Hunter.
Okay... So blow them up already.
~ Sven to Burt in Valiant Hero.
Is anyone there? We need to take off immediately.
~ Sven in Master Bounty Hunter.
What? Who's that?
~ Sven in Triple Threat.
What is happening?
~ Sven to the Right Hand Man Blue during the "Rewire" FAIL.
The rocket will be launching very soon. Please get on board immediately. I will not hesitate to leave you behind!
~ Sven in Special BROvert Ops and triple threat


  • Every ending that has Sven as the leader ends badly for the Toppat Clan.