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Satoko? Which one is that? If her hairpin is in this collection, then I'm afraid I've already eaten her. Sorry.
~ The Swamp Demons taunts Kazumi about Satoko's disappearance.

The Swamp Demon is a minor antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga and Anime. He is however, the main antagonist of the First Mission arc. He was a demon who went through a rash of kidnappings during the first mission of Tanjiro Kamado for the Demon Slayer Corps. Due to his ability to self-replicate, the Swamp Demon is a formidable foe, but Tanjiro eventually strikes him down with his newly-learned techniques.

He is voiced by Ryohei Kimura in Japanese and Sean Chiplock in English. The latter also voiced Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11.


The Swamp Demon met Muzan Kibutsuji during his time as a human. Muzan then gave him a sound beating and turned him into a demon. Muzan warned his new pawn never to reveal anything to anyone about his nature, and that he knew would immediately find out if the Swamp Demon ever did. Due to what his master did, the Swamp Demon has left forever afraid of Muzan. He would later undergo a kidnapping spree but would later be felled by Tanjiro. After his and his feral clone's death, his surviving, slightly less sane clone would be interrogated, but refused to divulge the information because if it did, it would die. Tanjiro had no choice but to stop the fight by cutting the copy's head off, much to his chagrin, as it killed any chance of getting info about his family killer.


The Swamp Demon also separated some elements of his personality by splitting them into three, to the extent where each acted differently from the other.

The Primary Demon was calm, analytical and serene, gave others guidance and even recommended calm down to his Secondary Body, which is why he was seen as the leader of the Trio of Demons. He was someone with rational thoughts and evidence of this is seen when he challenged the relationship of Tanjiro and Nezuko, which he sees as odd because of the actions of Demons with Humans, and he is also someone who celebrated the victories prematurely by telling Tanjiro that it was a fool to willingly join his swamp. Rarely has he lost his composure.


After he gained the ability to self-replicate, the Swamp Demon had three bodies. His first body had one horn on its head, the second had two that took the place of its eyebrows, and the third had all three horns. The Swamp Demon has pale skin and long blue hair with pupil-less red eyes, and all bodies wear black shinobi clothing. The first body wears a long uniform with mesh on his carpus and neck, with numerous pockets on his uniform as well. The second body has a uniform without sleeves and mesh on his chest. The third body's uniform had mesh almost on all sides of his arms and shoulders. Under his clothes, he wore a blue bottleneck shirt without sleeves.

The Swamp Demon and his clones are similar in their size to Tanjiro and Nezuko.



  • Based on his unwillingness to divulge data on Muzan Kibutsuji, the Swamp Demon would serve as a foreshadowing of the fate that the Temari Demon, Susamaru, would suffer in her final moments.
  • He is the first demon who can duplicate themselves. Hantengu, one of the Twelve Kizuki, is the second.
  • In the video game adaptation, the Swamp Demon is one of two bosses to have allies in-battle, said allies being his clones. The Elder Brother Spider Demon is the second.
  • In the video game adaptation, the part where the Swamp Demon fights Tanjiro in his swamp dimension is replaced by Nezuko dealing with one of the Swamp Demon's copies on the material plane.


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