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The Swamp Monster is a minor antagonist in The Herculoids, being the titular main antagonist of the episode "Swamp Monster".


The monster emerges from a cosmic fragment that fell into a swamp near the herculoids and goes on a rampage, destroying anything it comes in contact with by its radioactive touch. After he attacks a nearby village, Dorno, Tundro and Gleep find him, Tundro flees to ask Zandor for help and the rest of the Herculoids, while Dorno and Gleep flee the creature, which traps them in a cave, the Herculoids appear to try to defeat the monster, but his attacks only make him stronger, after Zandor discovers the monster is loaded with cosmic energy, he and Zoc manage to defeat it, With Zoc throwing his leisure at the rocks through the monster, which ends up depleting its energy and dropping him into a lake that took him back to the swamps, the episode ends with the monster sinking into the water.

Powers and Abilities

The swamp monster is completely made of cosmic energy and can destroy everything he touches, but was easily defeated by Zoc after he has cast his leisure on the rocks through him, causing him to lose all his energy.


The swamp monster is a tall radioactive creature with veins on the forehead and two distinctly sized dark eyes, as well as a skull-shaped head and an open mouth with outstretched teeth.