Swan Dancers are the adversaries in the "Music Day" segment "Loon Lake". There are four of them, and they are Shirley the Loon's (the episode's protagonist) fellow ballet students of Madame Jeté (whose head is never shown), but only one of them is named (Giselle). Behind Shirley's back, when she had changed back to her pink shirt and left her toe shoes by mistake, the four swans make fun of her accent, call her an "airhead" and "ugly little mud hen", and say she is not fit to dance on the same stage with them. They laugh and hurt her feelings.

The next night, while the swans are warming up, Giselle makes fun of Shirley for showing up and pretends to agree with her that they "have to work together to get through this recital" before tripping her. She and the other swans laugh at Shirley. During the performance, they attempt to make Shirley look like a fool, but Shirley does better. Babs Bunny, having encouraged Shirley not to listen to them yesterday, and that she can rise above it, makes losers of the swan dancers for it, such as by using a banana peel, anvils and a chainsaw (the latter under the stage so that the swans will fall). As one of them tries to get back out of a hole and Shirley is congratulated, the curtain with the words "The End" fall onto that swan.


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