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Sean Johnson, better known as Sweet, is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the leader of the Grove Street Families gang, and is Carl Johnson's brother.


Sweet appears to be in his late 20s-early 30s. He is dark skinned, bearded, and wears a green Los Santos baseball cap as well as a green shirt over a white undershirt, dark blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers.


Five years prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Sweet's youngest brother, Brian, died from unknown causes, and blames CJ, due to the implication that he was present and did not attempt to help. After this disagreement, CJ moved to Liberty City for five years and did work for a man named Joey Leone. Five years later, Sweet's mother, Beverly Johnson, dies at the hands of a drive-by shooting committed by the Ballas, and calls CJ to inform him of the tragedy. CJ agrees to visit Los Santos to attend her funeral, but is late to the funeral, to Sweet's disappointment. Reunited with CJ and childhood friends Big Smoke and Ryder, they bike home while being shot at by a Ballas lowrider.

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