Sweet Tooth (not to be confused with the other Batman villain of the same name) is the main villain in Starkid's Holy Musical Batman, and is portrayed by Jeff Blim. He's some kind of replacement for the Joker. In this show, Sweet Tooth lead some of Batman's most notorious foes, and together, they planned a war against the Dark Knight. ST's plan was to kidnap Robin, and drop him into a vat of hot boiling chocolate, while filling the water supply with his nuclear Warhead. He allied himself with the Penguin, Scarecrow, Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and some others like Evil Mother Goose, Evil Huckleberry Fin, and Evil Sherlock Holmes.

Committing Crimes

Since Sweet Tooth is a candy-themed criminal, he uses all of his candy to commit his crimes. He has an endless supply of candy in his suit. He killed Chilly Willy (a henchman of the Penguin) by using a lollipop stick, just to show a demonstration of his villainy. Throughout his life of crime, he always used numerous candy and candy puns.


Sweet Tooth is considered to be legally insane and psychopathic, according to one of Arkham Asylum's psychiatrists. He is sadistic, unmerciful, and unsympathetic towards others. He is also abusive towards his one and only Sugar Baby, Candy, although she doesn't seem to mind.


  • "Who can take the sunrise, and sprinkle it with blood!"
  • "Looks like you guys are up to your old *Twix"
  • "Life’s a lot like candy, Batman. Sure it’s sugar-coated on the outside, but it’s sour at the core. And we both know it."
  • "You're not coming any closer! You're not coming any closer! Oh you're dirty!"
  • "Doesn't Candy here look good enough to eat? She's my...Sugar Baby"
  • "Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, so tell me Batman, why aren't you eating?"
  • "The Joker? Hahaha! The Joker was a sucker!"
  • "Villains with cool themes, lame themes, themes that dont match their powers, even villains who steal characters from public domain stories."
  • "Oh, grab a brain, Scarecrow."
  • "Not to mention all that money spent on f****** candy!"
  • "It put the war head on its tongue"
  • "Get him my sour patch kids!!" (to his henchmen, Joe and Gostobber)
  • "Oh, excuse me." (to Two-Face)
  • "Take Five boys!"
  • "It's gonna be a hot tamale in the old town tonight! Hahahaha!"
  • "So I devised a little, WHATCHA-MA-CALL-IT. A death trap! Feast your eyes on this! My nuclear Warheads!"


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