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Sweet Tooth is the main villain of the Busy World of Richard Scarry episode "Niagara Falls Mystery." He is a gray beaver whose goal is to get lots of maple syrup for his pancakes.


One of his members of the Sticky Gang revealed the cupboard was bare and that he had spent all of their money on pancake mix at Niagara Falls. This gives Sweet Tooth an idea: he and his Sticky Gang dam up the river for the Niagara Falls until he gets all the maple syrup he wants. This keeps photographer Cucumber from taking the promised photos for Editor Eddie. Sweet Tooth ransoms syrup, so it almost comes true; instead, upon Cucumber's signal, Pickles pumps up the syrup through a hose for Cucumber to spray the Sticky Gang, and Sweet Tooth tries getting away, only to accidentally break a stick from the dam, and release the water, so he is in danger. Cucumber rescues him, but they are about to go over the returned falls. However, afterward, Sweet Tooth is arrested and sentenced to bread and water.

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