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Sweetie Bird is a major character in Tiny Toon Adventures. She is an aggressive pink canary who constantly goes out of her way to torment and harass Furball.

She was voiced by Candi Milo.


Sweetie is a sadistic, abusive, selifsh, and unsympathetic bird who constantly torments Furrball just for fun, such as abusing him physically and trying to get him kicked out of the house. She always outsmarts him and makes him look bad in front of his owner. Her voice can go from nice and sweet to tough and aggressive when she is about to harm someone.

Villainous Acts

  • She goes out of her way to torment Furrball for no reason at all.
  • In The Looney Beginning, she squashes Furrball with a mallet for no reason.
  • In Squish, she tried to squish and eat Dizzy Devil in his dream.
  • In Cross Country Kitty, she takes advantage of Furrball three times to get him to eat her when he was on vacation at the beach and "welcomes" him by presenting him with a bunch of dogs which makes him go back to his cardboard box in the alley.
  • In Let's Do Lunch, she tries to get Furball kicked out of Elmyra's house by egging him on into eating her.
  • In Pit-Bullied, she programed Furrball's diet to pit bull to eat Arnold the Pit Bull to get him to beat up.
  • She tried to eat Bookworm on occassions.


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