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Maybe I should help them.... or maybe I should just help myself!
~ Swindle

Swindle is a self-described "intergalatic arms dealer" and a recurring antagonist of Transformers Animated. While nominally on the side of the Decepticons, Swindle saw the Great War as a business opportunity.

He was voiced by the late Fred Willard.


In the comic "Everything Must Go", Swindle visited the Decepticon base on New Kaon while Blitzwing was fighting with Lugnut over him negotiating with the bounty hunter Lockdown for Optimus Prime. Seeing an opportunity, Swindle outfitted the Triple Changer with enhanced weaponry (and a convenient payment plan), and watched as the fight escalated. Each time, he was more than happy to provide each side with ever-increasing hardware, up to and including planetbuster weaponry. Once the pair of Decepticons found out that Swindle was arming both of them, they mangled him into a ball, leaving Swindle a fair bit worse for wear, but he took it in stride.

Society of Ultimate Villainy

After discovering the situation on Earth from a business transaction with Lockdown, Swindle anonymously aligned himself with the Society of Ultimate Villainy, funding them if they stole certain components. Posing as the "gift" of a getaway vehicle, he communicated through the radio. After the parts were stolen, he had them construct a generator. After Slo-Mo refused to hand over her AllSpark powered timepiece, Swindle revealed himself. 

He dealt with most of the SUV, using his force field to protect himself from the temporal effects of Slo-Mo's watch. He took it from her, contacting his old client Megatron. Swindle demonstrated the generator's ability to freeze everything mechanical in Detroit, including the Autobots. However, Bumblebee, who had shielded himself from the generator's effects, along with the SUV, burst in and managed to knock him over the side of the parking block on which he had stationed himself. While he managed to reacquire the watch, he was frozen in his vehicle mode when a blast ricocheted off of the Autobot's shield. He was last seen being towed by the police, who promised to strip apart the paralyzed Decepticon and sell his parts at a police auction.

Decepticon Air



  • Swindle's design is heavily modelled on his G1 counterpart, and the character was a favourite of Derrick J Wyatt, who lobbied for Swindle to appear in the show.
  • Swindle was intended to have been an Autobot who switched sides, which is implied by The Allspark Almanac II guidebook, which states Strika doesn't trust ex-Autobots and heavily dislikes Swindle. 


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