I love the quiet, and that's hard to come by these busy times.
~ Jack Fain's audio log prior to being corrupted.
Was that thing holding my valve?
~ Henry after encountering Jack Fain.

Jack Fain, later known as Swollen Jack, is minor antagonist in the 2017 horror video game Bendy and the Ink Machine. Jack Fain was introduced in the Chapter 4 update for Chapter 2 as the former Lyricist of Joey Drew Studios before being corrupted into an ink monster, much like the Searchers.

He was voiced by Bookpast, who serves as one of the developers of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Jack Fain appears as a standard Searcher, except he wears a bowler hat on his head and drops it when he's killed.


Chapter 2: The Old Song

Formerly the lyricist of Joey Drew Studios, Jack Fain would often listen to Sammy Lawrence play his songs while he worked in the sewers. At some point he was corrupted by the Ink Machine and turned into an ink monster.

30 years later Henry returns to the studio and finds Swollen Jack with his valve after breaking through some old wooden boards. Jack will constantly pop out from the ink with the valve as Henry chases him, forcing him to lead Jack under a wooden crate and pull a lever to crush him, giving him the valve. Before Henry leaves he apologizes for killing Jack and then remarks on how nice Jack's hat is.



  • Along with his monster form, Jack Fain's audio log did not appear in older previous updates of Chapter 2 before the release of Chapter 4.
  • Killing Swollen Jack will unlock the "Special Hat" achievement.


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