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Field Marshal with an Energy Sword

Sword Elites are Sangheili warriors with Energy Swords who appear as mini-bosses in the video game series: Halo. They charge at the player with an Energy Sword with the intention of killing you, but are to be killed before they manage to reach you. Usually high ranking Elites will wield an Energy Sword, making it more challenging since higher ranking Elites have stronger overshields.


Halo 2 Zealot

Zealot with sword in Halo 2

Halo: Combat Evolved

In Combat Evolved, Zealot Elites and Stealth Elites will be seen wielding Energy Swords (someitmes they have rifles). When killed, their swords will self-destruct to prevent the player from getting the sword.

Halo: 2

In Halo 2, the player is finally allowed to use Energy Swords. They appear in many levels on any difficulty and most levels on Legendary or Heroic. The following Elites have Energy Swords: Ultras, Zealots, Stealths, SpecOps, Honor Guards and Councilors.

Halo Wars

The Honor Guard (Regret's special unit) will wield an Energy Sword. This unit can eliminate enemy infantry and ground vehicles.

Halo: Reach

Winter Contingency

When dropped off by the final Spirit outside of the base, a General will have a sword on Legendary. In the final part, a Field Marshal and some Zealots appear with swords.

Tip of the Spear

If the Zealot is driven out, he becomes enraged and pulls out his sword. On the Covenant Spire, an Ultra Elite will fight the player with his Energy Sword.

Long Night of Solace

On harder difficulties on Ardent Prayer's bridge, a SpecOps Elite will have an Energy Swords while invisible.

The Package

On the final wave, a General Elite with an Energy Sword will be deployed along with his forces. He will directly charge at the player.

The Pillar of Autumn

In the level, an Ultra Elite will appear with an Energy Sword but on Legendary he'll be a SpecOps Elite instead. Towards the end, the Field Marshal can be enraged and pull out his Energy Sword.

Lone Wolf

A General Elite can appear with an Energy Sword. Also, a B.O.B. Elite (Golden Ranger) can spawn in with an Energy Sword.

Halo 4

Many Elites can wield Energy Swords throughout the Campaign and Spartan Ops. Even the lowest Elites, Storm Elites, can wield Energy Swords.

Types of Elites with Swords

  • Ultra Elite
  • Zealot Elite
  • Field Marshal Elite
  • Special Operations Elite
  • Honor Guard Elite
  • Councilor Elite
  • General Elite
  • B.O.B. Elite
  • Storm Elite
  • Possibly Commander Elite and Elite Warrior
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