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Sword Mask is the fifth and last of Black Cross General Sun Halo Mask's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka.


Sword Mask assisted Sun Halo Mask in a Black Cross Army scheme to obtain blueprints for a new secret weapon X1, which has massive destructive capabilities. With other Black Cross soldiers, he lures away the Gorenger and picks up Miss Sapphire, a woman who kept the secret plans and decided to use the Black Cross as a means to profit on having the blueprints for the weapon in her possession. But when the Black Cross realizes that the plans she had was fake just so she could get the money, both he and Sun Halo Mask pursue her to try and receive the real plans. When she decides to be difficult with the general, Sword Mask kills her in cold blood, seeing her as being uncooperative and thinking that with the knowledge that the boat she was using held the X1 plans and that she was no longer needed as a result. When the Gorenger catch up with them, he fights them using his "Sword Returns", but a combination of Midorenger's Midorang and Akarenger's Red Bute leads to the sword flying right back into his face, stabbing him and making him helpless to their Gorenger Storm finisher.

Powers and Abilities

He possesses three bladed weapons he uses interchangeably:

  • A small knife he throws for long range attacks
  • A rapier-like sword, his main weapon
  • His trump-card giant sword, kept in the side of his head with the handle appearing from one side like an ear, and the blade from the other side. He uses this sword to do a technique called "Sword Return", which he can manipulate the blade with ease.


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